"A" Pin Award

The "A" Pin is one of the oldest academic awards at Utah State University. Initiated in 1910, it is presented by the Dean of the College of Science to undergraduate students. It acknowledges and rewards students who achieve all A grades (4.0 GPA) while carrying 15 graded credit hours for two consecutive semesters. Courses for which a P (Pass) grade is received do not qualify for graded credits.

The pin features USU's iconic Old Main Tower and includes the word "scholarship," denoting the highest marks in scholarly achievement. 

* Each asterisk indicates an additional "A" Pin award earned by the student.

A pin award

Fall 2023 Award Recipients

Name Major
Kaylee Allen Biology
Will Anderson Computer Science
Kayson Argyle Computer Science
Calvin Bell Computer Science
Kaitlyn Blotter Biology
Gretchen Call* Biology
Jarron Conover Computer Science
Ben Coria Chemistry & Biochemistry
Rachel Dayton Mathematics & Statistics
Jadon Despain Physics
Max Edwards* Computer Science
Weston Farley Biology
Allison Hall* Chemistry & Biochemistry
Hamilton Hardy Computer Science
Isaac Haskett Biology
Nicolas Holden** Mathematics & Statistics
Jackson Holmstead  Biology
Mia Huebner  Biology
Jaden Jeffs Computer Science
Wyatt Jensen Biology
Samantha Johnstone Geosciences
Eli Kearl Computer Science
Aubry Landsom  Biology
Natalia Lewis Computer Science
Alexis Lupus  Biology
Madison Mabray  Biology
Caden Maxwell* Computer Science
Spencer Mullen* Biology
Boston Musgrave* Computer Science
Sam Olsen Biology
Carlie Prinster Biology
Makenna Roberts* Mathematics & Statistics
Noah Schade Chemistry & Biochemistry
Stockton Smith* Computer Science
Emily Swain Chemistry & Biochemistry
Gabe Tonks** Computer Science
Luke Wilkinson Biology
John Wood Biology
Zach Zito* Physics