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Students interested in pursuing graduate work in the USU College of Science can find information about programs, contact information, available campus resources, and more.


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CoS Graduate Student Representative

Helen Plylar


The College of Science Graduate Representative sits on the university-wide Graduate Student Council, representing the graduate students in the CoS and advocating for their interests. Contact Jessica for questions, concerns, or ideas related to advocacy issues, student rights, events, or grad student resources.

Contact Helen

College Graduate Student Council

Other Resources

Our USU graduate students come to Logan from all across the globe, and we understand that each individual joins our program with a very unique background and different needs. We've included the following resources to help our grad students during their time at USU and beyond. Please refer to these links, and if you can't find something or think we should add anything, please contact us at or call 435-797-2488.

CoS Individual Development Plan

Grad Student Life At USU

On-Campus Housing

Quick USU Directory by Department

Science Writing Center

USU Counseling and Psychological Services Office


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