Undergraduate Students

Resources for current undergraduate students, including contact information for our advising teams, scholarship details, involvement opportunitities, and other resources.


Schedule an appointment with your program's advisor, or contact them with your questions. Advisors assist with registration, making plans, removing holds, and answering general questions.

Dani Lawrence

Advising for:

  • Biology (BA, BS)

Email: dani.lawrence@usu.edu
Phone : (435) 797-7906
Office: LSB 201

Courtney Streich

Advising for:

  • Biology- Biology Emphasis
  • Biology- Cellular/Molecular Emphasis
  • Biology- Ecology/Evolution

Email: courtney.streich@usu.edu
Phone : (435) 797-0431
Office: BRN 101

Carl Farley

Advising for:

  • Public Health (BA, BS)

Email: carl.farley@usu.edu
Phone: (435) 797-2566
Office: BNR 323

Jordan Truex

Advising for:

  • Biochemistry (BS)
  • Chemistry Teaching (BS)
  • Chemistry (Minor, BS, BA)
  • Physical Science (Composite Teaching) (BS)

Email: chem.undergrad@usu.edu
Phone : (435) 797-0544
Office: MCL 140

JanaLee Johnson

Advising for:

  • Earth Science Composite Teaching (BA, BS)
  • General Studies (BS, BA)
  • Geology (BS, BA)
  • Graduation
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (BS, BA)

Email: janalee.johnson@usu.edu
Phone : (435) 797-2481
Office: ESLC 245H

Myra Brown

Advising for:

  • Computer Science Major (Last Name G-Z)

Email: myra.brown@usu.edu
Phone : (435) 797-0527
Office: Old Main 423

Caitlin Thaxton 

Advising for:

  • Computer Science Majors (Last Name A-F)
  • Computer Science Minor

Email: caitlin.thaxton@usu.edu
Phone : (435) 797-0527
Office: Old Main 421

Math/Stat Advising Office

Advising for:

  • Mathematics (BA, BS)
  • Mathematics Education (BA, BS)
  • Mathematics/Statistics (Composite) (BA, BS)
  • Mathematics/Statistics Education (Composite) (BA, BS)
  • Statistics (BA, BS)

Email: math.advising@usu.edu
Phone : (435) 797-0268
Office: ANSC 117

Karalee Ransom

Advising for:

  • Physics (BA, BS)
  • Physics Teaching (BS)
  • Physical Science (Composite Teaching) (BS)

Email: karalee.ransom@usu.edu
Phone : (435) 797-4021
Office: SER 250 D


Get involved in Science clubs and committees, or participate in events. You can improve campus, learn new skills, and help your peers excel as part of the Aggie Family.

College of Science Ambassadors from the 2016-2017 school year

College Ambassadors

College of Science Ambassadors represent the college on campus and across Utah, including at administrative, recruitment, and outreach events. Applications to join the ambassador team open annually in February or March. Students interested in applying are encouraged to contact current ambassadors for further information.

College of Science Student Council members from the 2016-2017 school year

Science Student Council

The Science Student Council represents students in the College of Science as part of the USU Student Association and the College. Headed by the elected USUSA Science Senator the council plans the annual "College of Science Week" that takes place annually during November. Applications to join this council open in April.

College of Science Students helping at a Science Unwrapped event in 2018

Science/Math Clubs

College of Science students can get involved with a number of departmental clubs which focus on scientific competitions or events within specific fields of study. Alternatively, more-general clubs are open to students with broad interests through the Utah State University Student Association.

College of Science student and faculty member investigating bees in the USDA Lab at USU

Undergraduate Research

USU offers many ways to get involved with research during student's undergraduate years. Students are encouraged to contact their department's Undergraduate Research Coordinator, or to reach out to professors they are interested in working with. For information about potential funding options, visit http://rgs.usu.edu/urco/.

Members of the Aggie Outdoor Volunteers program in Southern Utah

Service Center

The USU Val R. Christensen Service Center helps students become actively involved with serving students and the community. Students are encouraged to give back through service with one of the 30+ organizations within the Service Center, including Aggie Health, Best Buddies USU, and Students Together Ending Poverty.

College of Science Student preparing for graduation in May 2018

Career Services

The Career Services Center at USU is a great resource for assisting with job searches. Their team offers USU students help with finding job openings, preparing for the application and interview processes, as well as other important assistance relating to job and graduate school preparation.


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