Portfolium is an academic portfolio network allowing you to showcase your education and work accomplishments and connect with other professionals. Your Portfolium profile allows you to organize and display previous educational and professional content. 

You can upload images, Videos (YouTube, Vimeo), PDFs, text documents, and more to your portfolio.

Portfolium allows you to connect with people and companies you already know, as well as follow companies you are interested in. You can discover and apply for jobs and add specific pieces of content to showcase your qualifications. You can also view content posted by other users to discover how they accomplished their work, you can like their content, and comment or message them for advice.

You can also visit the Portfolium Canvas Community External Link Icon for a complete list of guides surrounding Portfolium.

Create Your Network

Portfolium allows you to build a network of current and former collaborators — from friends, classmates, and colleagues to people in industries, companies, or roles you are interested in. You can tag fellow classmates, friends, and colleagues on work you completed together. You can also ask professors, advisors, and managers to reflect on and document your experiences and work.

You can customize your URL and username to make your profile easy to find and include it on your resume, website, personal blog, business cards, and social media, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Additionally, you can connect your social media accounts to your Portfolium account to quickly and easily connect with your friends and network, log in using those credentials, and share your Portfolium entries across your social media networks.

Canvas TalentMatch


The dashboard on TalentMatch is meant to give the employers an overview of their employer account on Portfolium. 


The jobs section of TalentMatch is for employers to see their active jobs and dive into each individual job, the expired jobs, and the jobs in draft mode. 


The search functionality of Portfolium allows employers to search and source candidates based upon certain keywords or filters. Once employers find matching candidates to their positions, they are then able to message them and invite them to apply directly to their positions. 


Once you have found a select group of students or graduates that you believe are going to be a good fit for your positions, you are then able to 1:1 or Mass (up to 25 at once) invite these students or graduates to apply directly to your job. The students will then receive a message in their Portfolium account, notifying the student that a specific company is inviting them to apply for their open job.

Visit the Canvas TalentMatch External Link Icon knowledge base to learn more about TalentMatch.

Portfolium Resource Documents

The Portfolium resource documents External Link Icon provide more in-depth info for topics such as roles and permissions, privacy settings, and the Canvas integration.