Proctored Testing

Logan Campus Proctoring

The USU Academic Testing Center coordinates and administers examinations for online and on-campus courses. The Logan Academic Testing Center entrance is located on the south side of the Merrill-Cazier Library. It can accommodate up to 200 students at a time. Academic Testing Center staff also work with testing centers around the state and proctors throughout the nation to accommodate students, wherever they may be. See for additional information.


The instructor prepares the exam and uploads the PDF file of the exam or adds the exam password to the Materials and Testing Services (MATS) website and includes exam details: course information, exam name, availability date range, time limit, materials allowed, etc. Students can then log into the MATS to schedule their appointment time, or they can call the front desk at (435) 797-3617 or email to schedule.

At the scheduled time for the student to take the exam, the student will present his or her ID at the testing center.

Printed Exams

The Academic Testing Center will provide a printed exam to the student. Printed exams will have a cover sheet students will need to fill out. Start and end times will be written on the exam by students and they are required to keep track of any exam time limits and faculty are required to enforce any infractions. Instructors have access to students check in and check out times in MATS.

If the instructor prefers students use Scantrons, either the instructor or students will need to provide the forms. Scantrons are not processed at the Academic Testing Center, but can be picked up by the instructor and taken to IT to have them processed.

Completed exams will be scanned and made available to the instructor through a secure Box folder. Original exams are held at the Academic Testing Center for one semester and then shredded. When setting up your exam in MATS, the instructor can indicate if he or she would also like to pick up the physical copies of the exam in addition to the scanned version.

Online Exams

For online exams, testing center staff will provide the student with a laptop and have the student log into Canvas or other sources as indicated by the instructor in MATS. The student will get to the login page of the exam then the staff member will remotely control the computer to input the password for the exam. Students never have access to the password.

Off-campus Proctoring

Online and Connect courses should utilize capabilities within Canvas for testing. There are options for virtual proctoring using Proctorio for online courses or live proctoring at one of the USU locations or approved testing proctors. See the Materials and Testing Services website for additional information. Use the links above for information on how to set-up the quiz or exam in Canvas.

Get Support

The IT Service Desk (435.797.HELP) is available to help with many technical support issues for students and faculty. The Center for Instructional Design and Innovation (CIDI) at 435.797.9506 is available to help with technical and teaching-related questions in teaching and learning environments. For contact information for other service entities on campus, see the Teach Homepage.