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USU Strives to Create Culture of Belonging, Protect Freedom of Expression

USU officials closely watch all bills being considered by the Utah Legislature that pertain to higher education, and they work with the Utah System of Higher Education to address concerns as appropriate.

During the recent state legislative session, new bills were introduced that may have affected university activities related to diversity, equity and inclusion. These included SB 283 (Study of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education), as well as HB 451 (State Entity Restrictions). Neither passed out of Senate committee for a vote on the Senate floor.

Utah State University takes seriously its land-grant mission to provide access to a high-quality college education for all Utahns, including those who have not historically benefited from a post-secondary education.

USU is committed to cultivating an inclusive and welcoming campus where all of our students, staff and faculty can thrive, while also protecting individual freedom of expression and academic freedom. We look forward to future discussions with stakeholders both in government and within our campus community about how to further this commitment.

For more information about USU’s efforts in addressing diversity, equity and inclusion, visit For more information about how USU protects freedom of expression, visit


Amanda DeRito
Associate VP of Strategic Communications
University Marketing and Communications


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