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BFA Students Plan Exhibit to Highlight Artwork

By Carter Ottley |

The Caine College of the Arts bachelor of fine arts seniors are currently displaying their work in "Unleaded," a student-run capstone exhibition. This exhibition offers a hands-on learning experience covering all facets of art exhibitions, from creation to curation, space scheduling, reception planning and promotional materials.

Under the guidance of Department Head Kathy Puzey, students develop skills crucial for their future careers, including curating, writing artist statements and CVs, installation, promotion, and de-installation.

“I love working with the students in our various disciplines and being a part of the excitement and pride they feel when they present their work to their families, friends, and community,” Puzey said. “The exhibition showcases four, sometimes four-plus, years of long hours in the studio and the mentorship of our faculty. It’s a significant accomplishment for these students.”

Participating in “Unleaded” cultivates problem-solving abilities, teamwork and meeting deadlines. Lily Petersen, a member of the exhibition’s public relations team, has helped spread information about the show. She has seen how this experience will benefit her following graduation.

“The process has been a chance to collaborate with students across emphases while building valuable experience in the process of putting on an exhibition,” Petersen said. “The work in the exhibition represents a culmination of refined skills, ideas and perspectives that took students several years to develop and master.”

Featuring the work of 26 seniors from various artistic disciplines including drawing and painting, photography, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, and art education, the exhibit underscores their dedication and artistic progression.

“We've built skills in teamwork, communication, compromise and problem solving,” Petersen said. “Being a part of this team will benefit me outside of school as I market myself and others in the art world.”

The BFA “Unleaded” exhibit is free and open to the public, running until April 12 at the Tippetts & Eccles Galleries in the Fine Arts Center, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Carter Ottley
Communications Specialist
Caine College of the Arts


Lily Petersen
BFA Art Student
Caine College of the Arts


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