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Chilali Hugo Represents CCA at Puerto Rico Festival

By Carter Ottley |

Chilali Hugo, a harp instructor for the Caine College of the Arts at Utah State University, was invited as a guest artist to the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music String Festival. This year marks the festival’s sixth anniversary since its creation by Professor Francisco Cabán Vale.

The festival was April 5-7, and each guest artist participated in the faculty recital and led a masterclass. Students and faculty of the Conservatory performed in the student recital and concert at the festival.

"Being a musician has allowed me to participate in a number of unique experiences and meet people from all over the world," Hugo said. "I was excited to participate in the festival as both a teacher and performer and I would like to thank Elisa Torres and Francisco Cabán Vale for the invitation. I consider myself very lucky to be able to do what I love."

As part of the masterclass, Hugo offered feedback to students from the Conservatory and the Preparatory Program.

"I love working with students and learning about their inspiration and unique interpretation of the music they play,” she added. “I always learn so much from my students and the same was true with the students from the Conservatory."

Hugo performed in the faculty recital alongside other guest artists and faculty from the Conservatory. The recital featured solo and chamber music pieces. Her performance included “La Madone,” a lullaby and love song about a mother and child by Caroline Lizotte.

“The composer is also a harpist which makes everything fall so naturally on the harp and I love the freedom and improvisatory nature she allows the performer to experiment with,” Hugo noted. “It was incredibly enjoyable preparing this piece for the festival. It brings together my own experiences as a mother with my recent interest in improvisation, so it was the perfect piece for this time in my life.”

Hugo expressed her pride in representing the Caine College of the Arts beyond Utah, providing others with insight into the creative endeavors at Utah State University.

“We have so many dedicated faculty and students pouring themselves into their craft in an attempt to help us all make sense of the world,” she said. “I appreciate that I got to share what my students and colleagues are passionate about with others.”


Carter Ottley
Communications Specialist
Caine College of the Arts


Carter Ottley
Communications Specialist
Caine College of the Arts


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