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Dr. Bruce Miller Kicks off Inaugural Professor Lecture Series

Dr. Bruce Miller Kicks off Inaugural Professor Lecture Series

Utah State University professor Bruce MillerIn an effort to increase the visibility of outstanding scholarship on campus, the offices of the provost and the president have initiated the Inaugural Professor Lecture series at Utah State. The series recognizes and honors recently promoted full professors.

Bruce Miller, newly promoted professor in the Agricultural Systems Technology and Education Department, was the first person honored by President Kermit L. Hall and Provost Stan Albrecht. Miller presented his Inaugural Professor Lecture at the home of the Halls with invited guests and friends participating as Miller showcased his portfolio of academic excellence. Miller gave a brief summary of how he became interested in his academic career, and he followed with a presentation of his contributions to teaching and research at Utah State.

"The lecture series will honor each of the people at Utah State who have achieved the highest rank at the university," President Hall told the invited guests. "Dr. Miller and other full professors will get the chance to reflect on their careers and show their community of friends, family and colleagues the issues of importance to them. This lecture series is the first great opportunity in the next phase of their wonderful careers in academics."

Dr. Miller came to Utah State University in 1991. He has been both teacher of the year and advisor of the year in the College of Agriculture. He is an exceptional teacher, recognized for his interactive teaching style and his commitment to integrating agricultural sciences across all agricultural disciplines.

His research during his tenure at Utah State has been dominated by work with composting animal waste by-products — or as Miller put it to laughs from the crowd, yes, manure. He has researched the beneficial uses of compost as it applies to numerous areas, including weed seed reduction, nitrogen utilization, economic potential and air quality.

The next lecture in the Inaugural Professor Lecture series is Jan. 13, when Department of Music Professor Todd Fallis will present.

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