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Joyce Kinkead: Valuing and Supporting Undergraduate Research

Joyce Kinkead: Valuing and Supporting Undergraduate Research

Joyce KinkeadJoyce Kinkead, Utah State University's Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Research, edited a volume of the journal New Directions for Teaching and Learning.

"Research helps students understand the scientific method as well as methods of investigation in other fields of study," Kinkead said. "Research helps students develop skills in problem solving, critical thinking and communication."

The volume, titled Valuing and Supporting Undergraduate Research, explores the contribution of undergraduate research to students' intellectual development. Kinkead begins the volume with an overview of undergraduate research, explores programs at different types of institutions and offers suggestions on how faculty members can find ways to work with undergraduate researchers.

The authors explain the importance of undergraduate research in preparing students for graduate school and careers. Kinkead emphasized how students learn to work in teams because most research is done collaboratively.

"Undergraduate research proves meaningful for the students, their faculty mentors, the colleges and universities where they work, the communities where they reside and the world itself," said Kinkead

The volume includes an article by David F. Lancy, a Utah State professor of sociology, social work & anthropology. Lancy's article is titled Interdisciplinary Research: The NCUR- Lancy Awards.



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