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Leonard J. Arrington Writing Contest Awards Presented

The winners of the 2008 Leonard J. Arrington Writing Award competition were recognized at a recent Friends of the Merrill-Cazier Library spring lecture at Utah State University. Award recipients include Kelly Lelegren who received $1,000 for her first-place effort. Lelegren is a graduate student completing a master’s program in the Department of History.

The second place award of $500 was presented to Alyson Bernhisel, a sophomore at USU majoring in English teaching. The $250 third place prize went to Trenton Olsen, a master’s degree student in English.
Students from the Intermountain region who attended the Leonard J. Arrington Mormon History Lecture and who submitted an appropriate essay were eligible for prizes in the writing competition. This year’s entrants attended the Sept. 25, 2008, lecture by William P. MacKinnon, “Predicting the Past: The Utah War’s 21st-Century Future.” The lecture addressed future study of the Utah War. Students who entered the competition wrote a 2,500-word essay related to the lecture topic, including a one-page lecture synopsis, a bibliography, used a minimum of two outside research sources, including books, articles, newspapers and primary documents.
The writing awards and lecture are sponsored by Utah State University, the Merrill-Cazier Library, USU’s Special Collections and Archives, the Leonard J. Arrington Lecture and Archives Foundation, the Mountain West Center for Regional Studies and USU’s College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.
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Source: Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives

Contact: Brad Cole (435) 797-8268

Arrington Writing Award winner Kelly Lelegren

Kelly Lelegren received $1,000 for her first-place effort in the Leonard J. Arrington Writing Contest. She is a graduate student in USU's History department.

Arrington Writing Award 2nd, 3rd place winners Alyson Bernhisel, Trent Olsen

(left) Alyson Bernhisel received the second-place award and Trenton Olsen (right) was honored as the third-place recipient. Bernhisel is a sophomore in the Department of English and Olsen is a graduate student in English.


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