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Local Artwork Displayed at USU Latinx Exhibit

By Carter Ottley |

Art History Assistant Professor Alvaro Ibarra has curated an exhibit of artwork by local and regional artists after an invitation from the Fiestas Americas Organizers to curate the exhibition and celebrate emerging cultural trends.

The exhibition will be open from March 1-15 at The Alley on Center (19 W. Center Street, Logan UT).

The works showcased in the exhibit are primarily created by Latinx students at USU. The exhibit also features contributions from local artists.

These artists draw on visual traditions found in Latin American art and communicate the American experience. Their art engages issues like marginalization, migration, exploitation, exclusion, discrimination and alienation.

“Latinx is a movement, not a label,” Ibarra said. "The exhibition is one of inclusion and discourse. We fail to communicate whenever we dismiss people and ideas.”

Latinx is an emergent term some Latin Americans and Americans of Latin American descent use to self-identify. It embraces diversity in race, gender, sexuality and creed, and it labors toward achieving equity for all, including those who do not self-identify as Latinx.

“Artists will challenge viewers to reconsider what they think they know about Latinx,” Ibarra said. “Latinx isn’t just margaritas and señoritas, cavaleras and chimichangas. The exhibit includes dynamic and diverse perspectives on the American experience.”

The exhibit is sponsored by the Department of Art + Design, Latin American & Latinx Studies program, Latinx Cultural Center, and Nuestra VozLatina at Utah State University. It is free and open to the public with a reception from 5:30 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, March.


Carter Ottley
Communications Specialist
Caine College of the Arts


Alvaro Ibarra
Assistant Professor
Department of Art + Design


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