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Students, faculty and staff react to the announcement that Provost Noelle Cockett will be the 16th president of USU.


Noelle Cockett will be an incredible leader for USU. She has the experience, background and passion for our university that sets her apart. From my personal experiences working with her, I feel that she sincerely cares about the interests of students, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for USU under her leadership.

- Ashley Waddoups, President of the Utah State University Student Association


Provost Cockett’s breadth and depth of experience at USU, at all levels, is so vast that she’ll be able to take the university to the next level. She’s well liked and cares deeply for everyone in the USU community, whether they are students, staff, faculty, administrators or the broader public.

- Jagath J. Kaluarachchi, Interim Dean of the College of Engineering


We are thrilled that an individual who has served so many years in the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences will represent the university at large. Noelle Cockett is an obvious asset to this university, and we look forward to all good things to come."

- Heather Lieber, Agriculture and Applied Sciences Senator for the USUSA Academic Senate


I don’t think there’s anyone better prepared to assume the USU presidency than Provost Cockett, especially when you look at the breadth of positions she’s held here. She has the knowledge, the skills and the disposition to lead a complex organization like USU and a genuine passion for our land-grant mission. We couldn’t be in better hands.

- Beth Foley, Dean of the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education


I am ecstatic that Provost Cockett will be the next president of Utah State. Her understanding of the land-grant mission and support of the exporting of educational opportunities throughout the state of Utah is inspiring. I look forward to a wonderful future for USU Eastern under her leadership.

- Joe Peterson, Chancellor of USU Eastern


Noelle is highly qualified and has a tremendously diverse background — from her own research, to dean of the graduate school, to an academic dean and recently as provost. I’m particularly excited about her strong background in agriculture. She came from rural Montana, was close to the land growing up, and her experience in academia — still in agriculture — means she knows well how to keep USU’s focus on our land-grant mission and the important part agricultural traditions will continue to play in the state.

- Ken White, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences and VP for Extension


I feel incredibly fortunate that our new president is Provost Cockett, who has shown steadfast and tireless service and support to our community of faculty, students and employees. I believe the Board of Regents’ decision to extend an offer to Provost Cockett shows their commitment to diversity as she will assume the helm as the first female president of our great institution. Provost Cockett is a role model to all and will undoubtedly lead us into a new period of growth and development.

- Rebecca K. Blais, Assistant Professor of Psychology


I am delighted to learn that Dr. Cockett will be USU’s next president. Her accomplishments in research, teaching and administration are remarkable, but even more impressive to me is her commitment to listen closely to students and faculty, to collaborate in creating an outstanding educational experience at USU and to model, as our first woman president, the idea of diversity at the heart of this university’s mission.

- Kristine A. Miller, Professor of English and University Honors Program Director


As a representative of the Staff Employee Association, I’m looking forward to working with Provost Cockett as the new President of Utah State University. Provost Cockett makes employees feel respected and valued, and I know that she has the leadership skills and experience to lead USU into the future.

- Todd Hugie, Past President for the Staff Employee Association


I work for catering on campus, and I’ve had the opportunity to serve the provost at different functions in different situations. The students in the kitchen all know there are more important things on the mind of the provost at these events than the servers, but she always is so warm and kind to us. I’ve always appreciated her willingness to get to know us, and her humility toward us shows how much she cares about USU’s students. I’m excited she will be our new president.

- Hannah Aardema, Junior, Dietetics


Noelle has the perfect combination of experience and skills for the president of a Research 1 University. She “gets” what it is like to manage the professorial tasks of grantsmanship, teaching, research and mentorship of students. She enthusiastically embraces the land-grant mission and is exceedingly well-prepared to be an outstanding representative of USU. Noelle listens well, has rigorous standards and keen insights, and is kind, compassionate, and personable. I am thrilled that she is our new president.

- Ann Austin, Director of the USU Center for Women and Gender


Provost Cockett is someone who will, on day one, know what needs to be done and understand the challenges that students, staff and faculty face. I have a lot of confidence in her ability to lead efforts to find solutions to pressing issues for students, including mental health problems and sexual assault.

- Darren Bingham, Senior in Marketing, Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

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