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STRATA Networks Signs Agreement for Three-Year Scholarship at USU Uintah Basin

By Marcus Jensen |

Utah State University, alongside the STRATA Networks leadership team, is pleased to announce an agreement to a $70,000 scholarship, to be distributed over three years at USU Uintah Basin to support scholarships and program development. The scholarship, which will be in $3,000 increments per awardee per year, will be awarded as the STRATA Networks General Technology Scholarship.

To qualify for the scholarship, students must be enrolled at USU Uintah Basin for at least six credits, and must be a resident of Duchesne, Daggett, Uintah or Wasatch County. Preference will be given to students working towards a Technology Systems Bachelor’s Degree.

“As a local cooperative, we’re always looking for ways to contribute back to the community that we are a part of and investing in our youth through education is one of the best ways that we can do that,” said STRATA Director of Business Development Tyler Rasmussen. “For years, STRATA has offered a robust scholarship program that has awarded traditional and non-traditional students seeking higher education, and to be able to expand upon those efforts with a program that centers around our industry is an ideal opportunity for STRATA. We hope students will graduate from this program with the knowledge and experience they need to enter into a technology-driven workforce, and ultimately, we hope that knowledge remains here in the Uintah Basin to benefit our community.”

The Technology Systems program builds on top of the General Technology associate degree. The program builds specific expertise in the technology world that takes the certificate in IT systems and security and provides specialization in one of six emphasis areas: Information and Computer Technology, Robotics & Automation, Product Development, Technical Management, Quality and Reliability and Cybersecurity.

“These emphasis areas are the areas that STRATA and other partners have identified as critical for rural workforce development as the State of Utah works to decentralize the workforce from the Wasatch Front to Rural Utah,” said USU Uintah Basin Associate Vice President James Y. Taylor.

The university is also adding additional faculty this coming fall to further expand the program and provide a mentor for students that go through the program.

“The additions of this scholarship and the newly hired Uintah Basin faculty will provide a faculty mentor and presence in the community that will help shepherd students and guide them through the program and network better with local partners,” said Bob Peterson, associate director and director of students at USU Uintah Basin who led the collaboration with STRATA.

According to the scholarship agreement, each year, five recipients will receive a $3,000 scholarship ($1,500 a semester) that may be used for tuition and fees. The scholarship must be used in the same academic year. In addition, $8,333 may be used each year for instructional support and/or student programs in the general technology, technology systems, or business programs.

“STRATA has always been a big supporter of higher education, especially with programs that center around technology, so we were very happy to partner with USU to bring this program to the Uintah Basin,” Rasmussen said. “We’re excited for local students to have more opportunities to learn about technology industries because knowledge in this field has the power to positively impact our community and beyond.”

The STRATA Scholarship will be available starting in the fall 2021 semester.


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