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USU Art Alumni Highlighted in International Publications

Several Utah State University Department of Art and Design alumni have been featured in international publications, one in the March issue of Ceramics Monthly, and several others in 500 Prints on Clay, a newly-published book.

“The accomplishments of these artists are akin to an athlete to being featured in Sports Illustrated,” said John Neely, professor of ceramics in the Caine College of the Arts. “The publication 500 Prints on Clay features 500 pieces by about half that many artists from around the world and the four USU alumni had multiple pieces included.”

Tony Clennell, who graduated from Utah State University in 2008 at the age of 58 with a master of fine arts degree (MFA), was recently featured in Ceramics Monthly, one of the largest and most comprehensive ceramic arts magazines. Clennell’s journey to his profession is examined, from his first degree in business to his position of adjunct professor of ceramics at Sheridan College and Ontario College of Art and Design University. He studied with Michael Casson, the late British potter, and spent three years at USU studying under Neely.

“I treasure the time spent in Logan as some of the best years of my life,” said Clennell, who is starting his own art school in Ontario. “Utah State University, the faculty and the students were very instrumental in my development as a potter.”

Lark Ceramics recently published 500 Prints on Clay, juried by artist and teacher Paul Andrew Wandless, featuring the work of several USU alumni. The cover of the book features a large picture of a flask, created by USU alumnus Matt Conlon, who graduated with his bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in 2012.

“I was completely stunned when I received notification from Larks Crafts,” said Conlon. “As an artist, I have become accustomed to rejection, but it was exciting to find out I was accepted. I feel like this may be the biggest thing I have accomplished in my career.”

Inside the book are pictures of works created by Megan Mitchell, who graduated in 2012 with an MFA; Mel Robson, an exchange student from Southern Cross University who graduated in 2002; and Boomer Moore, who received his MFA in 1999.

“All of the books in the 500 series have proven to be wonderful visual explorations for anyone interested in art,” said Moore. “I am truly honored to be one of the artists selected for this publication.”

The Department of Art and Design prepares students for careers in teaching or applied fine arts, emphasizing art education, ceramics, drawing and painting, graphic design, photography, printmaking and sculpture.

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ceramics, Tony Clennell's wood-fired jugs

Work by USU alum Tony Clennell was recently featured in was recently featured in "Ceramics Monthly," one of the largest and most comprehensive ceramic arts magazines. Here are two wood-fired jugs the artist.

cover of '500 Prints on Clay' with work by USU alum Matt Conlon

The cover of '500 Prints on Clay' features a photograph of work by Matt Conlon — the largest image on the cover.


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