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USU's Bingham Entrepreneurship and Energy Research Center is Gold

Utah State University’s Bingham Entrepreneurship and Energy Research Center serves as the chief building for the Uintah Basin Campus in Vernal, UT. The Bingham Center has recently been awarded a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.

“The Bingham Entrepreneurship and Energy Research Center is a tremendous asset for researchers and developers in the Uintah Basin,” said Robert T. Behunin, vice president for commercialization and regional development at Utah State University. “This building represents the commitment of the residents of the Uintah Basin to fulfill Utah State University’s land-grant research mission.  It embodies the community’s commitment to higher education, sustainable economic development, and responsible environmental stewardship.”

Marc and Debbie Bingham, long-time Uintah Basin residents, contributed the $15 million that made possible the development of a research center in the basin.

“The Bingham vision to strengthen sustainability and economic development in the Uintah Basin is representative of the commitment the people of Uintah County have to Utah State University,” said Behunin.

The Bingham Center acts as a nexus for the creation and improvement of local business opportunities, for the responsible advancement of the basin’s vast energy resources, and for the research and development of technologies to support the area’s social, economic and environmental health. 

The two-story, 70,000 square-foot building boasts state-of-the-art classroom facilities and research and instruction laboratories for both undergrad and graduate students. Separate research labs support faculty and corporate research in the areas of existing and renewable energy systems.

The Bingham Center joins the USTAR BioInnovations Center, located on the USU Innovation Campus in North Logan, as Utah State University’s two LEED Gold-certified buildings.

Exterior materials of the Bingham Center include stone, brick, high-performance metal panels and glazing systems. Use of clerestories, transoms and skylights allow the integration of natural daylight. High-efficiency building systems and local and recycled content materials help the Bingham Center to meet Utah State’s High Performance Building Standards and earn the prestigious LEED Gold rating.

The national Green Building Council recognizes crucial areas of development for determining LEED ratings, emphasizing efficient water and energy use, appropriate land selection, sustainably-produced materials utilization, waste reduction, air quality improvement and natural sunlight incorporation. The Council promotes improved building sustainability and outlines approaches for achieving healthier workspaces in harmony with the natural environment.

CRSA and Brixen & Christopher Architects, led by Wally Cooper, headed project design for the Bingham Center, while Gramoll Construction, led by Troy North, coordinated production under a $19 million budget. The Utah State University building is owned by the State of Utah Department of Facilities Construction Management.

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Contact: Howard Shorthill, 435-722-1753,, Uintah Basin Campus

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Bingham Entrepreneurship and Energy Research Center in Vernal, Utah

USU's Bingham Entrepreneurship and Energy Research Center in Vernal, Utah has been awarded a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating from the U.S. Green Building Council.


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