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USU Brigham City's Historic Trail and Virtual Museum Now Open

On July 13, 2019, the Utah State University Brigham City Historic Trail and Virtual Museum opened to the public. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the event and commemorate the Intermountain Indian School (IMS) and the Bushnell Hospital.

“USU Brigham City is proud to open the trail and virtual museum that honors both the Bushnell Hospital and the Intermountain Indian School,” said Dan Black, associate vice president at USU Brigham City. “The trail ribbon cutting, in conjunction with the Intermountain Indian School reunion, was a great way to honor the past and remember how the lives of both soldiers and students were shaped on these grounds.”

The ribbon-cutting event kicked off with an Intermountain Indian School reunion, followed by speeches from IMS student Lloyd L. Wyatt, IMS teacher Peggy Baker, former Dean and Executive Director of USU Brigham City Tom Lee and Brigham City Council Member Mark Thompson.

At the event, Lee explained how all institutions that have existed in the area were dedicated to improving people’s lives through education. 

“It took courage and persistence for the wounded veterans who came to Bushnell Hospital, and the Native American children and youth who came to IMS, to take advantage of the services, training and education needed to move ahead in their lives,” Lee said.

Starting at 200 east and 1000 south, the paved trail stretches three-quarters of a mile with informational stops spanning back to about 77 years. There are 20 signs that take visitors through the site’s history through in-depth descriptions and QR codes that link to the virtual museum, covering the Bushnell Hospital and IMS. 


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