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USU Engineering Professor Receives National Award

Wynn Walker, associate dean and professor of biological engineering systems in the College of Engineering at Utah State University, is the recipient of the 2007 Royce J. Tipton Award.             

Walker was given the award for his contributions to the advancement of irrigation and drainage engineering. He received the award May 18 at the Environmental Water Resource Institute in Tampa, Fla. The award was established by Royce J. Tipton in 1964.
“The Royce J. Tipton award is the ultimate recognition and honor for those of us in the civil engineering profession dedicated to irrigation and drainage,” said Walker. “The list of distinguished recipients includes those I have admired but not met, those who have taught or mentored me and those who are my colleagues. I suspect all those who have preceded me have felt as I do, a little uneasy because so much of what we accomplish is due to contributions of our teachers, mentors, colleagues and students.”
In 2005, Walker received the Advancement of Surface Irrigation award from the American Society of Agricultural Engineers.
Walker served for many years as head of Utah State’s biological and irrigation engineering department, where his leadership fostered the growth of a world-renowned program in irrigation engineering that continues to provide technical assistance in support of agricultural and economic development. He has led or participated in design teams for irrigation rehabilitation or modernization in 17 countries. During his career he has mentored more than 50 graduate students, who today make water policy and management decisions worldwide. 
Walker developed a number of international short courses that provide irrigation training, and he is a regular instructor at the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Water Management course.
A 31-year member of ASAE, Walker has held officer positions in the Pacific Northwest section, including chair. His wwards and honors include the Utah State University Excellence in Research award and D. Wynne Thorne Research award; American Society of Civil Engineers Outstanding Research Paper award; American Water Resource Association Outstanding Water Education Service award; and the Utah Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology. 
Walker has a master’s in civil engineering and a doctorate in agricultural engineering from Colorado State University. He earned his bachelor’s in civil engineering from Utah State. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the U.S. Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, the American Water Resources Association and the American Society of Civil Engineers, where he sits on several committees and task groups, including the On Farm Irrigation Committee and the Soil and Crop Hydraulic properties task committee.
Contact: Wynn Walker [], (435) 797-2788

Writer: Jodie Savage [], (435) 797-1351

Wynn Walker

USU's Wynn Walker received the 2007 Royce J. Tipton Award.


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