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USU Launches New Research Series on Land, Water and Air

As Utah continues to grow, the state’s shared resources are being pushed to their limits and Utah State University has created a new initiative, Research Landscapes, to provide critical findings for Utah’s problem solvers. 

In 2019, USU Research Landscapes will address Utah’s most important natural resources — land, water and air — and will host a series of three events in Salt Lake City to highlight the issues and provide context, connections and conversations to better address those topics.

The first of these events, Knowledge to Improve Utah’s Airscape, will present evidence-based insights and findings from Randy Martin, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Utah State. He will address Utah’s poor air quality, particularly along the Wasatch Front, and share what has been done in other places—such as his collaborative work in the Uinta Basin. 

The event will begin at 4 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 26, in the O.C. Tanner Building, located at 1930 S. State Street in Salt Lake City. While the public is welcome to attend the USU Research Landscapes events, the series is targeted toward Utah‘s decision-makers: business leaders, policymakers and agency representatives. 

The first event will be co-hosted by the Economic Development Corporation of Utah and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality, with Theresa Foxley, president and CEO of EDC of Utah and Alan Matheson, executive director of Utah Department of Environmental Quality, in attendance.

Each Research Landscapes event will include a networking reception, allowing attendees to have conversations with selected land, water and air researchers from the university. 

The second USU Research Landscapes event will be held on June 18, and will feature research about Utah's water usage by Department of Biology Professor Michelle Baker. Courtney Flint, a USU sociology professor, presents on Oct. 1, and will discuss her findings on the social dynamics of land use. 

Findings and content resources aren’t exclusive to the events; additional tools will be made available online following each event. 

More information, as well as additional resources, can be found at

Randy Martin will present evidence-based insights and findings regarding Utah's poor air quality, particularly along the Wasatch Front, at USU’s first Research Landscapes presentation Tuesday, Feb. 26.


Anna McEntire
Office of Research
Executive Director, Project Management


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