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USU Prez. Cantwell's New Podcast Episode Talks Leadership With Irshad Manji, Allison Gerrard

By Hannah Castro |

Elizabeth Cantwell, Irshad Manji and Allison Gerrard record an episode of Future Casting in the Utah Public Radio studios.

Future Casting with Utah State” released its second episode with leadership professor Irshad Manji and Allison Gerrard, managing director of the Moral Courage College.

The podcast episode followed the first President’s Forum on Conflict and Conflict Transformation, also hosted by USU President Elizabeth Cantwell, which featured Gov. Spencer Cox and Manji. The discussions from the forum were explored further in the podcast episode.

Manji founded the Moral Courage College which is known as a place where people can turn their contention issues into constructive conversations and healthy teamwork. She is also the author of the New York Times Bestselling book, "Don’t Label Me: An incredible conversation for divided times."

In the episode, Manji shares insights into her book-writing process, highlighting the importance of not only the attentive research that went into the book but also the relationship and conversations she shares with her rescue dog, Lily.

“If we really want to respect one another, we've got to engage with one another, to understand the individuality of every sentient being. That is an insight that a blind old dog gave to me. So the bottom line here is that there is something to learn from every sentient creature,” Maji said.

Another segment of the episode shines a light on the complex concept of “shame.”

“If you think about what our brains want to do, they're trying to ensure our survival,” Gerrard said. “So what they want to do is control the people and things in the environment that feels good. If I have control, then I am safe. And I think a lot of times, shame is used to gain control over another. It can come from a feeling of inferiority.”

For more information, you can listen to "Future Casting with Utah State" on or anywhere you get your podcasts.

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