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USU Professor Receives International Dairy Foods Association Research Award

Donald J. McMahon of Utah State University’s nutrition and food sciences department was awarded the 2007 International Dairy Foods Association research award in dairy foods processing.

The award is given annually to researchers and scholars whose research and findings allow dairy processors to develop new products and to make a significant improvement in the quality, safety or processing efficiency of dairy foods.
“Having my research recognized by other dairy scientists was an honor,” said McMahon. “Utah State has a long tradition of being a leader in dairy foods research, and it is great to be a part of that tradition and making a difference in the advancement of the dairy industry.”
McMahon has been with USU’s nutrition and food sciences department since 1987 after earning his doctorate at Utah State in 1983. His main research interests include the study of proteins in milk and how processing influences its structure and function.
He is currently the director of USU’s Gary H. Richardson Dairy Products Laboratory, which apart from being a research and teaching facility for food science majors, is also where famous Aggie Ice Cream and True Blue Aggie cheeses are manufactured and sold.  
McMahon has published more than 65 works on dairy-related topics, as well as mentoring 22 graduate students and seven doctoral students. Many of those students have gone on to assume leadership positions at major dairy processing companies.
“Dr. McMahon has been a great asset to our students and our department,” said Charles E. Carpenter II, department head of nutrition and food sciences. “Many students have benefited from having Dr. McMahon work with them as they train for careers in the dairy science field. He has provided great leadership, especially running the Gary H. Richardson Dairy Products Laboratory.”
McMahon’s research programs have addressed many important questions related to the effects of processing on milk protein structure and function. That research, along with his other works on the chemistry of cheese, have significantly enhanced the dairy industry’s ability to manufacture higher quality cheese products.
The American Dairy Science Association, which presented McMahon the award, is an international organization of educators, scientists and industrialists who are committed to advancing and providing leadership in scientific and technical support to sustain and grow the global dairy industry.
The award was presented to McMahon during a ceremony at the American Dairy Science Association’s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas on July 10.
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Donald J. McMahon

Donald J. McMahon was awarded the 2007 International Dairy Foods Association research award in dairy foods processing.


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