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USU Southwest Welcomes New Faculty Member in Human Development and Family Studies

By Maren Aller |

Utah State University Southwest hired Andy Harris as a faculty member in the Human Development and Family Studies program. Harris is looking forward to working with students enrolled in the program who receive an interdisciplinary education covering both development throughout the lifespan and family and human relationships.

Harris’s research focuses on how teenagers work to make their communities a better place, a topic particularly relevant in USU’s Statewide Campus system. Located in mainly rural Utah, USU Southwest covers 11 locations including Beaver, Bicknell, Cedar City, Delta, Ephraim, Junction, Kanab, Nephi, Panguitch, Richfield and St. George.

Harris is excited to join USU as a faculty member, in particular because of the university’s land-grant mission to provide educational opportunities for everyone. 

“The real value of education is that it prepares you to contribute in a meaningful way to your community, either through your career or by being a more conscientious citizen,” Harris said. 

Graduates from the Human Development and Families Studies Program can pursue a wide range of careers in human services including work in marriage and family therapy, daycare and early childhood education, afterschool programs, residential treatment centers, housing and financial counseling and program planning and evaluation.

Harris earned an undergraduate degree in psychology in 2015 while on scholarship at USU’s main campus in Logan. As an undergrad, he began working with a professor to conduct research that he furthered as he went on to earn a doctorate in human development and family studies in 2020. Harris joined USU’s Southwest faculty shortly thereafter.

Raised in Taylorsville, Utah, Harris spent nine years in Cache Valley while at USU in Logan. Both Harris and his wife, a Snow College graduate, are excited to return to Sanpete County to make their home. Harris enjoys gardening and has recently started baking, including making bread for his family every week.

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