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USU Student Receives Funding From the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium

By Matilyn Mortensen |

Christine Case, an aerospace engineering graduate student at USU, received a fellowship from the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium.

USU aerospace engineering graduate student Christine Case has received a fellowship from the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium. This funding will support Case’s research to improve the sensing applications for drones.

“I'm very pleased to represent USU under the Utah NASA Space Grant Consortium and am honored to have received the fellowship,” Case said.

The consortium was founded in 1989 with a variety of goals including increasing diversity in NASA’s workforce and financially supporting space-related research.

Case’s research will focus on developing a technology called the Flush Airdata Sensing application to measure airmass properties for drones. This will be a less intrusive method that will allow drones to measure airspeed, altitude, angle-of-attack and sideslip without changing the flight dynamics of low-speed vehicles.


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