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USU Tooele Awards Scholarships to Nine Students

Utah State University Tooele awarded nine scholarships to students. Each of USU’s Statewide Campuses strives to make college accessible to community members by easing the financial burden through local scholarships. USU Tooele continues to set a high standard for the amount of scholarships created and awarded each semester and academic year. The following USU Tooele students were awarded scholarships.

  • Kira Swenson, bachelor’s in health education and promotion.
  • Vanessa Rhea, bachelor’s in elementary education.
  • Brenda Beazer, bachelor’s in business administration.
  • Logan Gifford, bachelor’s in recreational resource management.
  • Lauren Lansdowne, master’s in natural resources.
  • Chelsey Niebuhr, master’s in social work.
  • Kelsey Wilson, severe endorsement CERU.
  • Atlantis Moses, bachelor’s in mechanical engineering.
  • Paulette Nielsen, associate in nursing.

By creating localized scholarships, USU Tooele students are competing with a smaller pool of students, increasing their chances to be awarded. Many of the scholarships were created by local community members and businesses to help local students.

“If it wasn’t for generous donations, many of these scholarships wouldn’t exist at the local level,” said Jenn Van Cott, USU Tooele associate vice president. “We are grateful to our donors for their support. We have great students in Tooele and through their sacrifices and hard work they have earned these awards.”

Each of the scholarships vary based on amount and duration. USU Tooele continues to pursue creative routes to offer more scholarships every year. 


Ricardo Flores
Marketing Manager
University Marketing and Communications


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