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Utah State University Announces Institutional Reorganization

In order to adapt to the changing needs of its students, Utah State University is undergoing an organizational restructuring that will shift a number of offices from the Office of Student Affairs to Academic and Instructional Services and Provost offices.

The university anticipates having the transition completed by Sept. 1. 

USU’s Executive Vice President and Provost Frank Galey, who started in his new position on Aug. 1, said the changes will bring related units closer together to create synergy and provide efficiency as the university addresses student needs in a changing higher education landscape. Importantly, the change also allows Student Affairs to focus on and expand efforts on student development.

“These organizational changes are part of President (Noelle) Cockett’s commitment to improve student success,” Galey said. 

Units moving from the Division of Student Affairs to Academic and Instructional Services (AIS) include: Admissions/Recruiting, Financial Aid, Registrar’s Office and the Disability Resource Center. In addition, Student Orientation and Transition Services, Student Retention and Completion and the Academic Success Center will also be shifted to AIS, where they will be overseen by Associate Vice President Janet Anderson. 

Anderson will split her time between AIS and the Provost’s office, where she will also supervise two more units being moved from Student Affairs – Exploratory Advising and Career Services – along with her other duties as vice provost. 

“These changes will allow USU to provide more cohesion to student advising by adding experienced oversight across multiple units, with a special focus in the Provost’s office on the exploratory student and related, integrated studies programs,” Galey explained. “And aligning Career Services more closely with academics in the Provost’s office continues the progression of more intentional placement of students in internships and jobs on and off campus to prepare them for their future career.”

In addition, the Sexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information (SAAVI) office, which is currently in Student Affairs, will be placed in the Department of Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology.

“Moving the SAAVI program under social work will better serve interns and students, given the expertise in the department and proximity of graduate students to help,” Galey said. 

Taggart Student Center operations will now fall under the supervision of Vice President for Business and Finance Dave Cowley, while Residence Life, which was formerly under the Vice President for Business and Finance, will be moved to the Student Affairs office. 

Vice President for Academic and Instructional Services Robert Wagner, who has overseen the AIS since its creation in 2015, said there is a lot to be done in organizing the new, larger division. But joining the offices from Student Affairs and AIS will create greater collaboration and stronger partnership in finding new and effective ways of meeting the evolving needs of students.

“Utah State University has a history of innovation — innovation is in our blood — and this change is an example of how we adapt and how we re-organize to meet the needs of our students and fulfill our land-grant mission for the state of Utah,” Wagner said. “President Cockett’s vision for USU and its students is really exciting.”

Created to help other units in the USU system accomplish teaching, research and engagement goals, the Academic and Instructional Services unit is currently comprised of six service offices: Center for Innovative Design and Instruction, E-Learning and System Support, Teaching and Learning Technologies, Classroom and Media Productions, Student Marketing and Communications and Concurrent Enrollment and Special Programs. 

Following the reorganization, the Division of Student Affairs will be made up of two areas. Student Engagement will oversee the Center for Community Engagement, Access and Diversity Center, Student Involvement and Leadership Center (USUSA, student leadership, clubs and organizations), Office of Student Conduct and Greek Life, while Student Health and Wellness will include the Student Health and Wellness Center, Campus Recreation, Counseling and Psychological Services, Veterans Resource Office, Student Nutrition Access Center, Legal Services and Residence Life. 

Vice President for Student Affairs James Morales said the changes will enable the Division of Student Affairs to dedicate itself to enhancing the already vibrant student experience at Utah State. 

“A more streamlined organizational portfolio will allow us to focus directly on our core mission of student development, and those key processes, programs, activities and initiatives that help our students engage deeply, make connections that support their social and academic success and promote their overall well-being,” Morales said. “Each member of our reorganized division will align their work even more closely with these important student outcomes, thus further elevating USU as a premier university that delivers the full residential student experience.”  

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