Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

The Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (UVDL) is open and fully operational during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (UVDL) is a cooperative effort by Utah State University (USU) and Utah Department of Agriculture and Food (UDAF). The purpose of the laboratory is to provide timely, in-depth, cost efficient, veterinary diagnostic services to safeguard animal health, protect the agricultural economy, and shield the public against zoonoses (diseases transmissible from animals to humans). In these roles, the UVDL serves practicing veterinarians, personnel in regulatory state and federal governmental positions, public health officials and animal owners. Diagnostic services include pathology, bacteriology, virology, serology, toxicology and molecular-based assays. The main laboratory is on the campus of USU in Logan, Utah, and a branch laboratory is in Spanish Fork, Utah; together these laboratories constitute the Utah component of the national veterinary diagnostic laboratory system.

Clinical Pathology Laboratory Update
Effective Monday, December 20th, the clinical pathology laboratory at the UVDL will close.  We hope to reopen the laboratory soon, pending acquisition of personnel and new equipment.  Until then, samples should be sent directly to other laboratories.  Samples received at the UVDL will be forwarded to the Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL), College Station, TX; shipping and TVMDL testing fees will apply.


UVDL Announcements

Welcome new staff members!

The UVDL welcomed two new staff members this fall. Dr. Shawn Zimmerman is a board-certified clinical pathologist that joined us from Athens, Georgia. She is currently supervising the clinical pathology section and offers part-time diagnostic cytology services in the afternoon. Dr. Valerie Crowley is an infectious disease specialist that is currently overseeing human COVID-19 testing performed at the UVDL. Since her arrival, the UVDL has successfully performed over 9,000 COVID-19 tests, and counting!

Directors honored by UVMA

The UVDL is thrilled to announce that both of its directors were recently honored by the Utah Veterinary Medical Association (UVMA). Dr. Jane Kelly (Spanish Fork site) is the new president-elect of the UVMA, and Dr. Tom Baldwin (Logan site) has been named the 2020 Utah Veterinarian of the Year. Dr. Kelly has dedicated many years of service to the UVMA as the Central Utah representative, and we are excited to see her embark in her new role as UVMA president. Dr. Baldwin is the heart and soul of our facility, was instrumental in establishing the USU School of Veterinary Medicine, and has worked tirelessly to facilitate COVID-19 testing at USU. Please join us in congratulating Drs. Kelly and Baldwin on their achievements!