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Ecology Center Seminar Series

Friday, Jul 31 - 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Lecture & Readings
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Room: 203
Ecology Center
Dr. Vanessa Ezenwa (University of Georgia):“From host immunity to pathogen invasion: linking helminth co-infection and microparasite dynamics.” Interactions between parasites co-occurring within a single host can have profound effects on the host response to infection. Although key immunological mechanisms underlying these within-host interactions between co-infecting parasites have been described, the ecological consequences of these interactions are poorly understood. In particular, it is unclear if and when interactions between co-infecting parasites can alter population level patterns of infectious disease. In this talk, I discuss how immunological processes underlying parasite interactions within individual hosts can scale up to affect the population level dynamics of disease. The study provides insight into the role that within-host processes can play in the distribution and spread of infectious diseases in the wild.
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