Academic Success Coaches

Develop Habits for Success

Academic Success Coaches conduct one-on-one appointments with students to address their concerns with a sense of academic belonging, build their skills related to habits of mind, connect them to the right resources, and serve as their accountability partners.

Academic Success Coaching is available to enrolled USU students at no extra charge.


What Do Academic Success Coaches Do?

Success Coaches partner with students to develop habits of mind for a successful college experience. We focus on: Implementing Time management & Planning · Setting Goals · Learning & implementing Study Strategies · Overcoming Procrastination · Finding Motivation · Communicating with Faculty · Building Your Learning Community


Students who meet with a Success Coach are more likely to

Graduate · Establish and achieve goals · Communicate more effectively · Learn problem solving skills · Utilize and benefit from University Resources · Increase sense of academic belonging


What happens in a success coaching appointment?

The appointment typically lasts 30 minutes. During the appointment you and the success coach will talk about your academic strengths, current challenges and other issues that impact your academic success. Your success coach will share learning strategies and resources to support your academic goals.