Academic Early Alert Process



The instructor or advisor recognizes student is struggling academically in class (either due to lack of effort or lack of understanding).


Reach Out

The instructor or advisor should reach out and invite the student to meet. This is an opportunity to further assess the student's situation and provide appropriate mentoring.



The instructor or advisor identifies appropriate resources and helps the student connect to academic support services and/or student health and wellness services.



An instructor or advisor who continues to be concerned should refer the student to retention professionals through completing the Academic Early Alert form.

Unsure about which form to use?

  • At times it is difficult to know whether the situation should be reported as a student of concern or whether the academic early alert is more appropriate. A short survey will assist faculty and staff to determine which form is best in specific situations.

    Through answering a few multiple-choice questions, the submitter will be guided to the correct form(s).

  • Form Survey
In an emergency, please dial 9-1-1