Record a Presentation on Your Computer

You can use the Kaltura CaptureSpace tool to record a presentation on your computer (computer requirements) and make it available in your Canvas course.


Open My Media

Access my media by clicking account then my media


Click the Add New dropdown, then select Desktop Capture

The first time you select this option you will be prompted to download and install the KalturaCapture Desktop Recorder. Download the version appropriate for your computer (Windows or Mac) and go through the installation process.

After you install the application, repeat steps 1 and 2.

If you are recording on a Mac with Catalina OS 10.15 see Screen Recording on Mac OS 10.15 for an additional setting adjustment.

click add new drop down then desktop capture


Click Open Kaltura Capture

You can check the "Always open these type of links in the associated app" box to avoid this dialog in the future.

open Kaltura Capture pop up box


In the Kaltura Capture app, select or deselect the sources (webcam, mic, and screen) you want to use

A blue icon indicates that device will be recorded.

A gray icon with a line through it means that device will not be recorded.

Clicking on the arrow next to the device will provide options for that device.

Showing options in drop down on Kaltura Capture for desktop capture


When you are ready, click the red dot to begin recording

You will see a clock in the bottom of the screen showing how much time has passed while recording. You can minimize the clock by clicking the line in the top, right of the window.

Kaltura Capture minimize icon


Re-open KalturaCapture from the dock, click on the square to stop the recording, then click Yes, Stop it

Kaltura Capture stop button


Preview the recording and enter a title, description, and tags

Kaltura Capture add details page


Click Save & Upload

Uploading the video may take about twice as long as your video length (i.e. 20 minutes for a 10 minute video).

Once the video has been completely uploaded, it will appear on your My Media page in Canvas. Now you can post the video as a discussion reply or submit the video as an assignment.

Additional Resources

The following video is an overview on how to use KalturaCapture desktop application.