Undergraduate Advising

To customize your class schedule, discuss graduation requirements, resolve academic concerns, or identify key campus resources, visit your academic advisor regularly. Schedule an appointment with your advisor online or by visiting the Biology Advising Center in BNR 101 or by calling (435) 797-2553.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed below
Please contact contact the Biology Advising Office at (435) 797-2652 or schedule an appointment online to meet with an advisor.

I'm a Biology or Public Health Major, but I'm pursuing Prehealth interests. Who should I meet with?

As a Biology or Public Health Major planning to go on to health professions school, you have two advisors, you major advisor and your Prehealth Advisor. 

Major Advisor- Biology Advising Office, BNR 101

  • Coursework planning to graduate with your biology degree
  • Getting involved in undergraduate research within the Department of Biology
  • Biology Scholarships
  • Advisor holds
  • Prerequisite or Course overrides
  • Articulation of biology coursework
  • Application for graduation
  • To answer any Department of Biology specific questions

Please call (435) 797-2652 or schedule an appointment online.

Health Professions Advising Office - TSC 302, Exploratory Advising

  • Coursework planning to prepare for entrance exams and to meet health profession school prerequisites
  • Getting involved in Prehealth extracurricular activities, such as Prehealth clubs, service, or research
  • Preparation of applications and for interviews associated with health profession schools
  • To answer any Prehealth specific questions

Please call (435) 797-3373 or learn more on the Exploratory website.

I'm not a Biology Major, but I would like to add (or drop) a Biology Major or Biology Minor.

To add or drop a Biology Major or Minor, you will need to schedule an appointment online with the advisor assigned to the major you are interested in.

What can you do with a Biology Degree?

You can do a lot with a biology degree! You can do research, management, teaching and more for government, academic, industry or non-profit organizations. Our advising team will be happy to go over career exploration options with you and talk in more detail about what you can do with your biology degree. Please see schedule an appointment online.

We also encourage you to visit Career Services to for more helpful career information.

I need help planning my biology coursework.

Please view the Major Requirements Sheet for your major and emphasis as well as your specific Degreeworks. Schedule an appointment and our advising team is happy to help you you plan a path to gradution and ensure you are on track.

How do I get involved in undergraduate biology research?

The Biology Advising Office strongly encourages all Biology Majors to get involved in undergraduate research. Please visit the Undergraduate Research page to review our recommendations on how to get involved in undergraduate research. If you have more questions, please schedule an appointment.

If you're involved in undergraduate biology research, we encourage you to present your research at our Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium. We have one each fall and spring semester.

I would like to apply for a Department of Biology Scholarship.

We accept scholarship applications from Department of Biology Majors only, each spring semester. Please visit our scholarships page and review the eligibility requirements and available scholarships. If you you have additional questions or would like help with your scholarship application, please schedule an appointment with one of our advisors.

I have an articulation question about whether a course transferred from another university is equivalent to a USU biology course.

Please visit USU's Transfer page and contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Thayne Sweeten.

I would like to take a biology course for pass/ D+, D or F option.

Please fill out the appropriate section of the Registration Option form and see your assigned academic advisor.

Please note the Registrar date for Pass/ Fail. This option will not be available for selection after 60% of the semester has passed.

I am a Biology Major and I have an Advisor Hold on my account.

Please schedule an appointment with your assigned Biology Academic Advisor. Public Health majors should see Carl Farley. Please take care of holds ASAP and DO NOT wait until open registration to try to meet with your advisor, as registration times are very busy times for advisors and there is no guarantee that we'll be able to meet with you prior to registration.

I am a Biology Major and I would like to request approval to take over 18 credits for a semester.

The maximum credits per semester allowed is 21 credits. Over 21 credits cannot be approved. If you would like to take 19-21 credits one semester, please fill out the appropriate section of the Registration Option Form and schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor.

I am trying to register for a biology course but Banner is not recognizing that I have the required prerequisite(s).

Please schedule an appointment with your Biology Academic Advisor, with proof of prerequisite (transcript).

I am getting ready to graduate with my biology degree.

We encourage Biology Majors to fill out their Application for Graduation 2-3 semesters prior to the anticipated graduation date, which allows you to incorporate any required but unplanned coursework into your schedule before it's too late. After application, please schedule an appointment with your advisor.