Brand Standards: Editorial

Writing for USU

Utah State University communicators — especially those who write for an external or formal audience — should use this official Editorial Style Guide for USU communications.

The Editorial Style Guide will direct editorial practices for all USU communication and marketing materials, including but not limited to:

  • News releases for the media.
  • Content for the web.
  • Copy for print publications.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Newsletters.
  • Reports (internal and external).

Like other categories in USU’s Brand Standards catalogue, the primary purpose of the Editorial Style Guide is to present USU in a consistent and professional manner that amplifies the Aggie brand.

Although based on the most recent Associated Press Stylebook, this Editorial Style Guide is tailored to USU’s communication needs and preferences and in a few instances departs from AP style. For capitalization and/or usage questions not addressed in the AP guide, refer to Webster’s New World College Dictionary.

  • For items not addressed in the Editorial Style Guide, free access to the AP Stylebook is available for the university community.

As the world, and word use, continue to evolve, it is the responsibility of USU communicators to embrace, support, and advocate for every member of the Utah State family. The Inclusion Guidance section in the Editorial Style Guide is a resource to help writers with intentional and unbiased word selection that acknowledges diversity and reminds everyone to use language with care, consistency, and respect.

Please note this guide is not intended to replace other writing style guides used for specific purposes or for publications such as scholarly journals.

Please direct questions or comments about this style guide to Steve Kent at