Brand Standards: Logo

Athletics Marks

Athletics marks are immediately recognizable and should be the starting point when creating materials. An official logo must be present on all formal athletic communications, including advertisements, billboards, websites, print pieces, and any other formal materials that represent Utah State and USU Eastern Athletics. 

Utah State University has an interest in maintaining a strong visual identity that symbolizes the Utah State brand and our university's impact throughout the state, nation, and world. For that reason, we use a limited number of colors for our logos: "Aggie" blue, white, black, and gray.

There are many logo options that can be used to promote a cause, show inclusion for minoritized groups and identities, and support cultural celebrations. Utah State's office of trademark licensing can help with ideas, suggestions, and options.

Logos and wordmarks should always be reproduced with the highest quality and consistency and should appear on the front and/or back cover of all printed communications. 

Athletics marks cannot be used on the color red. Athletics marks cannot be modified or manipulated in any way.