Brand Standards: Logo

Eagle Athletic

Athletics marks are immediately recognizable and should be the starting point when creating materials. An formal logo must be present on all official athletic communications, including advertisements, billboards, websites, print pieces, and any other formal materials that represent Eagle Athletics.

Logos and wordmarks should always be reproduced with the highest quality and consistency and should appear on the front and/or back cover of all printed communications.

Athletics marks cannot be used on the color red and cannot be modified/manipulated in any way.

Eagle Shield

The eagle shield is the formal mark for Eastern Athletics, this mark is restricted to Athletics use only and should not be used on any marketing or promotional materials for Utah State University Eastern outside of the Athletics Department. Athletics marks should not be used in connection with an academic department, unit, division, or program.

The athletics marks cannot be used on the color red and cannot be modified/manipulated in any way. If placing text or graphics below or to the side of the wordmarks, please refer to the area of isolation guidelines below.

Eastern logo options

Athletics Color Palette

Aggie Blue

Pantone 539C

CMYK: 100 65 22 80

RGB: 0 38 58

HEX: #0F2439


Deep Blue

Pantone 7700C

CMYK: 93 62 32 13

RGB: 22 90 125

HEX: #165A7D


Sky Blue

Pantone 7689C

CMYK: 78 33 7 0

RGB: 40 141 194

HEX: #288DC2



Pantone 429

CMYK: 35 23 19 2

RGB: 162 170 173



Mark Area of Isolation

To maintain visual integrity of the logos and wordmarks (marks), a minimum area of isolation equivalent to 0.30 inches must remain clear around the logos and wordmarks. This dimension is not scalable, please reference the examples provided for proportional scaling guidelines.

This space must be kept clear of competing visual elements, wording, and distracting images. The area of isolation is required to prevent confusion and competition with the marks. As a rule, do not incorporate text or unofficial marks that overlap, or begin to blend, with marks.

If adding text outside the area of isolation, do not use the Utah State, Univers, or Trajan fonts. These are reserved for official logos. Please see alternative typefaces for font recommendations.

area of isolation visual example 

Stationery Goods

The use of branded stationery ensures audiences recognize official athletics communications. The formal stationery set is required and includes printed and digital letterhead, business cards, envelopes, and name badges. Stationery goods cannot be modified & print stationary goods must be produced by Aggie Print.

Do not recreate or modify any part of the formal stationery system.

Eastern Athletics Stationery mockups

Branded Goods

The use of a formal logo on merchandise is always recommended; however, the marks below, may be used in lieu of a formal logo on swag products, uniforms, or merchandise for Eastern Athletics.

Branded goods must be purchased from a licensed vendor. All merchandise, swag, and uniform designs must be pre-approved by University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing and all university purchasing and trademark policies must be followed.

Prior to use, all designs must be submitted for review and approval. Submit designs via the artwork approval form.

Merch only marks

Eastern Athletics Branded goods mockups


The examples below show athletic team uniforms that meet logo guidelines. All designs must include a formal Eastern athletics logo. Appropriate trademark registration marks will be added by the licensed vendor. All uniforms, branded goods, and other items bearing any of Utah State University’s logos or trademarks must be pre-approved by University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing per university policy 510.

Please note that branded goods (such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, uniforms, and other similar items that are produced with Utah State University’s name and/or trademarks) are considered licensable and are subject to the University’s Trademark Licensing Policies & Procedures and must be produced by a licensed vendor.

Teams intending to sell merchandise that contains the university’s name, trademarks, or likeness, must receive advance approval from University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing as outlined in the trademark and licensing policy.

Eastern Athletics uniform mockups