Standards: Logos

University & College Seals

Seals are for formal occasions, appearing on awards, formal invitations, and ceremonial documents.

Utah State University has an interest in maintaining a strong visual identity that symbolizes the Utah State brand and our university's impact throughout the state, nation, and world. For that reason, we use a limited number of colors for our logos: "Aggie" blue, white, black, and gray.

There are many logo options that can be used to promote a cause, show inclusion for minoritized groups and identities, and support cultural celebrations. Utah State's office of trademark licensing can help with ideas, suggestions, and options.

College Seals

College Seals are to be used primarily for formal occasions such as awards and commemorations. College seals cannot be modified/manipulated in any way and cannot be used on red. College seals can only be created by University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing.

Colleg Seals
College seal isolation example

University Seal

The university seal is reserved for use in connection with the Office of the President. It should not be used on any promotion, marketing materials, or awards outside of the President's office. It should not be used in connection with any colleges, administrative units, schools, departments, offices, programs, labs, institutes, division, locations, or centers. The university seal cannot be used on red or modified/manipulated in any way.

Permission must be granted by University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing Director. For additional guidance on the university seal, contact Heidi Adams at  or 435-797-0587.

Important Notice - Restricted Mark

This is a restricted mark. Restricted marks are for use by special permission only. They are not available for download and should not be used unless you have written permission from University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing.

University Seal 
Presidents seal isolation example