Brand Standards: Photo


UMAC offers professional headshot services exclusively for USU Faculty and Staff. Although we do not offer individual portrait sessions on campus, we do provide the opportunity to reserve a time slot for your headshot. This service ensures a uniform and polished appearance for your website, email account, and USU profile. We kindly request that you limit your sign-ups to once per year for efficiency and fairness.

Next Schedule Shoot Date

Sign up for a specific time slot. Please save the date/time into your calendar to make sure you don't forget.


Our studio is located at PDP 202. PDP is located North of the Maverik Stadium. Our studio is located on the second floor.

Accessing Photos

All photos will be made available on Photoshelter. Images are at full resolution and are free to use for any purpose you see fit. Log in with your USU account to access the image gallery and download your photos.

Headshots Gallery

Using Your Photo

We strongly encourage Faculty & Staff to utilize these headshot photos. It's nice to see what you look like now and not 20 years ago. Here are some different ways to utilize your photo


To view your current photo being used to represent you in the USU system, visit and login with your A#. To update your photo shown, go to the Online Photo Submission page. Once the photo has been approved, you'll be able to purchase a new ID card or know that your professional headshot will be the image employees see in various platforms to represent you.

Department Website

Check your department website and reach out to your web administrator to add/update your photo on that page.


Visit and sign into your outlook account online using Chrome. This doesn't seem to work with Safari. After signing in, click on the profile in the top, right corner of the page and hover over your existing image or where your initials are in the circle. An upload (camera icon) should appear to click on and add and crop your image.