Brand Standards: Photo

USU Photography Resource

We have a continually updated library of pictures you can use, along with tips and guidelines for producing photos for your department.

USU Photography Library

We have a library of hundreds of photos your department or college can use for university-related communications. These photos feature USU students, faculty, staff, and campuses throughout the state.

News & Media: These images can also be used editorially with attribution by outside media (no commercial, derivative, or for-profit use is permitted).

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Bespoke Photography

If you don’t see what you need in the stock library, or if you have a special opportunity for photography coming up, you have a few options.

University Marketing & Communications

UMAC works closely with USU entities to create rich marketing campaigns and materials with photography, video, and graphic design, as well as timely news publications. Work with your College, Department or Office Communicator to see if this is an option for you.

Student Media

The student-run media production office can help create photos, videos, and graphic design. Contact Nathan Laursen to get a quote: 435.757.1757 or

Freelance Photography

Cache Valley and other regions have many skilled photographers available for hire. UMAC doesn’t have preferred photographers, but we do have experience with many throughout the state and would be happy to make recommendations. (Note: we’re checking on the legality of listing a few freelancers and their contact info here).

When you hire a photographer, explain that this is a “work for hire” situation: This means the photographer will not receive royalties for the use of their images and that they may be used in many different ways without consulting with the photographer. As such, the photographer should provide original files (RAW files) along with the edits they prefer.

Whomever your hire, please vet their skills. Our standards are aimed to help photographers provide you with great pictures for your layouts.

Do It Yourself

You may have someone on your team who can take a good picture. Share the photography guidelines to help them make the most of the opportunity. See also the tips for using your phone camera for social media posts.

Model Release

Photos used for any kind of promotion — promoting degrees, clubs, events, ideas, etc. — require a model release when a person is identifiably featured in the image. Photos for news may not need a release, but it never hurts to get one. Print this form and keep it on file with the photos.