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Color Palettes

Color is an integral part of the Utah State University visual brand. Consistent and appropriate use of these colors will create a strong and consistent visual presence for the university. To maintain immediate recognition, use the primary color palette specified below, recognizing the dominant color is Aggie Blue.

Utah State University has an interest in maintaining a strong visual identity that symbolizes the Utah State brand and our university's impact throughout the state, nation, and world. To ensure immediate recognition, we use a limited number of colors for our logos: "Aggie" blue, white, black, and gray.

There are many options that can be used to promote a cause, show inclusion for minoritized groups and identities, and support cultural celebrations. University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing can help with ideas, suggestions, and options.

Important Notice about Restricted Colors

Utah State restricts the use of red. Outside entity logos that contain red may be used with the appropriate permissions. For alternative color suggestions, reach out to University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing.

Primary Color Palette

Logos and wordmarks (marks) can only be reproduced in the primary color palette. The mark color used should provide a proper contrast with the background it is placed on so the mark does not blend with the background and meets accessibility contrast requirements. Use these equivalent formulas for matching the primary color palette: 

Aggie Blue

Pantone 539

CMYK: 100 65 22 80

RGB: 0 38 58

HEX: #0F2439


Fighting White


CMYK: 0 0 0 0

RGB: 255 255 255




Pantone 429

CMYK: 35 23 19 2

RGB: 162 170 173





CMYK: 0 0 0 100

RGB: 0 0 0

HEX: #000000


Secondary Color Palette

The secondary color palette is designed to provide creative flexibility. These colors are complementary to the primary color palette and were chosen to add warmth and energy to your design. Use these equivalent formulas for matching the secondary color palette: 

Deep Blue

Pantone 7700C

CMYK: 93 62 32 13

RGB: 22 90 125

HEX: #165A7D


Sky Blue

Pantone 7689C

CMYK: 78 33 7 0

RGB: 40 141 194

HEX: #288DC2


Light Blue

Pantone 284C

CMYK: 55 22 0 0

RGB: 110 169 219



Electric Blue

Pantone 638C

CMYK: 73 11 7 0

RGB: 1 173 216

HEX: #01ADD8



Pantone 7716C

CMYK: 83 22 47 2

RGB: 0 147 143

HEX: #00938F



Pantone 709C

CMYK: 0 77 37 0

RGB: 241 98 120

HEX: #F16278



Pantone 151C

CMYK: 0 60 100 0

RGB: 245 130 32

HEX: #F58220



Pantone 7408C

CMYK: 3 26 100 0

RGB: 246 189 23

HEX: #F6BD17