Toolkit: Guides

Creating Personas

Elements of an Effective Persona

  1. Persona Category Name
  2. Fictional Name
  3. Employment Status/Major Responsibilities
  4. Demographics
  5. Goals/Aspirations
  6. Physical, Social and Technological Environment
  7. Quote or Statement That Sums Up What Matters to Persona
  8. Image/Picture Representing Category
  9. Barriers/Objections
  10. Preferred Marketing and Media Channels
  11. Theme, Positioning Statement or Offer

Steps to Creating Personas

  1. Identify the question/problem you’re trying to solve and define persona categories you’d like to focus on.
    • Who is our audience?
    • What do we offer them?
    • What is our service personality?
    • How will we communicate to them with relevance?
    • How do we visually express this message with relevance?
  2. Build Your Persona
    • Identify existing data. 
    • Identify additional data not currently available. 
    • Determine methods (Survey, Focus Group) for gathering additional data. 
  3. Develop Your Persona
    • Compile and define your personas utilizing audience data.
    • Map audience journeys through customer life cycle and define content strategies.
    • Ensure personas are visible, actionable, shareable and always evolving. Share with relevant internal/external stakeholders to ensure adoption. 
  4. Test Your Personas
    • Utilize A/B testing and other tactics to test your personas to determine if guidelines are accurate or needs to be adjusted.
    • Campaign results will evolve and strengthen personas.
  5. Adapt Your Persona
    • Adapt personas to everchanging data and campaign feedback.