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Logo and Wordmark Application

The success of Utah State University's brand identity (previously referred to as the Visual Identity Program) relies on the clarity and consistency with which it is implemented. The guidelines below will help you understand how to best use one of the essential building blocks of Utah State’s brand: logos and wordmarks. The university’s suite of logos and wordmarks (marks) provide a quick and powerful visual identification that is a critical component of our identity.

An official logo must be present on all formal university communications, including advertisements, billboards, print pieces, and any other formal materials that represent the university. Marks should always be reproduced with the highest quality and consistency and should appear on the front and/or back cover of all printed communications.

Important Notice about Logos & Wordmark Application

Only use electronic files or print-ready artwork supplied by University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing. The logos and wordmarks (marks) cannot be modified in any way and should only be reproduced in Aggie blue, white, gray, or black. Distorting or changing logos, reduces legal protection and diminishes impact. Logos and wordmarks should not be used on red backgrounds or products.

Mark Area of Isolation

To maintain visual integrity of the university logos and wordmarks (marks), a minimum area of isolation must remain clear around them. Reference the examples below for proper area of isolation scaling. The minimum area of isolation allowed is 0.3 inches. The minimum space is only allowed on small items.

The area of isolation space must be kept clear of competing visual elements, wording, and distracting images. Visual elements may not be paired with, or used in close proximity to, the official university marks. The area of isolation is required to prevent confusion and competition with the university marks. As a rule, do not incorporate text or unofficial marks that overlap, or begin to blend, with the university’s marks. If adding text outside the area of isolation, do not use the Utah State, Univers, or Trajan fonts. These fonts are reserved for official logos. Please see alternative typefaces for font recommendations.


University Logos Area of Isolation

Wordmark Area of Isolation

Formal Mark Area of Isolation

U State Area of Isolation         Block A Area of Isolation

Block A Area of Isolation        Old Main Tower Area of Isolation

Hurd Isolation visual

Consolidated Marks

Previously “multiple logos”. In cases when multiple university colleges and administrative units collaborate on events, programs, etc., the main university mark should be used with each participating party typed out below the official mark. When using a consolidated mark, the area of isolation is required between the primary mark and the participating colleges and/or administrative units. Do not use the Utah State, Univers, or Trajan fonts when adding text outside the area of isolation. These fonts are reserved for official logos


Consolidated Mark Graphic

Departments, Programs & Offices

University departments, programs and offices were not issued formal logos as part of the optimized logo system. This was a strategic change intended to allow departments, programs and offices to place more focus on the names of their organizations. If you would like to place your department, program, or office name near an formal mark, the area of isolation is required between the formal mark and the added department, program, or office name. Do not use the Utah State, Univers, or Trajan fonts when adding text outside the area of isolation. These fonts are reserved for official logos


Visual examples of department solutions
Flyer mockups with department solutions Mark Placement & Size

A formal logo or wordmark (mark) should be placed on the front of all internal and external, printed, and electronic communications for instant university identification. If a mark does not appear on the front, it must be used on the back. This includes all university magazines and newsletters.

Note that the university’s name, Utah State University (or Utah State), should always be placed on the front of all internal and external, printed, and electronic communications, whether a mark is used on the front or not. This helps to quickly identify the university. The official mark may be placed anywhere on the front or back as long as the area of isolation guidelines are followed.

Important Notice about Placement & Size

The formal mark must have a proportionally weighted role. As the publication size increases, the minimum size of the mark should increase proportionally. Please use the chart below for minimum size references.

Minimum Mark Size

Minimum sizing varies depending on the product the mark is used on (e.g., postcard, letter, yard sign, etc.). Please reference the chart below for the most commonly used products. All sizes below are for logo height.

Logo Type Logos & Stacked Wordmarks Single Line Wordmark Vertical U-State Logo


Logos & Stacked Wordmark Examples Single Line Wordmark Examples Vertical U-State Logo Examples
Postcard (4 x 6) 0.5 inches 0.25 inches 1 inch
Half Page (8.5 x 5.5) .625 inches .3125 inches 1.25 inches
Letter (8.5 x 11) 0.75 inches 0.375 inches 1.5 inches
PowerPoint Presentation (16:9) 0.75 inches 0.375 inches 1.5 inches
Canva Presentation (16:9) 1.25 inch 0.5625 inches 2.25 inches
Keynote Presentation (16:9) 1.5 inches 0.75 inches 3 inches
Tabloid (11 x 17) 1 inch 0.5 inches 2 inches
Yard Sign (18 x 24) 1.5 inches 0.75 inches 3 inches
Digital Signage (1920 x 1080) 110 pixels 55 pixels 220 pixels
Large Poster (24 x 36) 2 inches 1 inch 4 inches
TSC Wire Banner (18 x 72) 4 inches 2 inches 8 inches

Logos & Stacked Wordmark

Official University logo, UState with one line wordmark

Official University logo, UState with two line wordmark

College or VP logo with UState

College or VP Wordmark

Official University wordmark two line stacked

Single Line Wordmark

Official University Wordmark, one line

Vertical U-State Logo

Official University vertical logo, UState with two line wordmark


Use of Visual Elements

The use of visual elements must be coordinated with University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing prior to creation and incorporation to ensure the proposed use will fall within university parameters. Visual elements cannot incorporate, be paired with, or used in close proximity to the university, department, or program verbiage/name, as this creates a logo. Visual elements cannot use the university logotype or other official university fonts.

Design Elements

Design elements are no longer allowed as part of the university visual brand system.

Note: There are design elements that were implemented prior to this change. These design elements will be phased out of use. 

Campaign & Event Graphics

Campaign and event graphics are not intended for extended use and should include descriptors such as dates to create a natural expiration for the campaign. These graphics may not be paired with, or used in close proximity to, the required official mark and may not incorporate the university name. Campaign and event graphics require coordination with and approval from the University Marketing and Communications, Trademark Licensing prior to use.

Campaign Graphic Examples


Fleet Vehicle Application

Logo and wordmark use on fleet vehicles is appropriate for college and administrative units that own and use vehicles for their operations. The university has created a collection of options that allows groups to customize their marks while following an institutional approach to maintain the overall Utah State University brand. Application of the logos and wordmarks (marks) to vehicles may be accomplished either with vinyl or paint, with vinyl (in the specified colors) as the preferred method. If marks are applied, it must be by an approved vendor or licensee. Visual elements must be pre-approved by the University Marketing & Communications, Trademark Licensing.

Vehicle Application Sample Right
Vehicle Application Example Back

Other Applications

Please see the Trademark Licensing page for logo and wordmark (mark) application on branded goods such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, uniforms, and other similar items that are produced with Utah State University's name and/or trademarks.

Please see the signage section under brand toolkit for university temporary and permanent university signage.

Please see the university stationery section for the university stationery system.