Connecting Community Organizations and USU

The USU Center For Community Engagement (CCE) offers several ways for students and faculty to engage with nonprofit organizations, schools, and governmental organizations, including Community-Engaged Learning (CEL), volunteer opportunities, Community-Engaged Research, and more. The CCE strives to build reciprocal campus-community partnerships that enable students to utilize knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to tackle real-world problems identified by the community. Through our partnership options, we hope to bridge the gap between campus and community to create a healthier, safer, and more sustainable community for us all.

Partner with Us

Partnership Important Dates:

  • June: Annual renewing of MOUs
  • October: Community Volunteer Fair on USU Logan campus for partner outreach and recruitment
  • February: Community Volunteer Fair on USU Logan campus for partner outreach and recruitment
  • April: USU Community Engagement Awards and Celebration

What is the benefit of official partnership?

Becoming a registered community partner with the CCE signifies that your organization offers vetted, high-quality community engagement opportunities. USU students, faculty and staff understand your mission and are assured that your organization offers a safe environment to volunteer.

What a Community Partner Can Expect

  • Increased capacity
  • Cutting-edge ideas
  • A fresh look at projects
  • Opportunity to increase student civic engagement and shape the leaders of tomorrow
  • A chance to test something new and look at riskier solutions without investing resources
  • Help with moving stalled/stuck projects forward
  • Student media coverage
  • More qualified and experienced future job applicants
  • Possible staff training and professional development
  • Greater awareness of community assets
  • Promotion of opportunities and events among student leaders