Expected Level of Attainment

For each assessment tool, Student Outcomes (SOs) are evaluated based on a scale from 1-5. A satisfactory level of attainment for SOs is that 80% of respondents score 3 or higher for each SO associated with the assessment tools. Each assessment tool may utilize a somewhat different rating method. The following table shows how these different rating methods are unified into a common framework. In addition to numerical scores, the senior exit interviews provide qualitative data in the form of written comments and critiques. It should be noted that the Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) report does not provide any numerical scores since a majority of members directly assess whether the SOs are being met. The IAC meeting provides qualitative data in the form of the written comments, feedback, and critiques. We consider a satisfactory level of attainment is achieved when of 80% of IAC members are supportive of the changes to the CS curriculum.

Numerical Score Course Direct Measures CS Senior Exit Surveys
5 Scores >= 90% Strongly Agree
4 90% > Scores >= 80% Agree
3 80% > Scores >= 70% Neutral
2 70% > Scores >= 60% Disagree
1 Scores < 50% Strongly Disagree