Students Clubs and Organizations

All USU students interested in science are encouraged to participate in College of Science clubs related to their interests. Clubs provide instrumental educational experience, and clubs in each department are open to USU students.


Science Club Leadership, please fill out this form about your student clubs for the 2023-24 school year.

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College Ambassadors

USU College of Science Ambassadors are outstanding student representatives of the college's six academic departments. The scholars are nominated by their departments for service as ambassadors, whose duties include helping with recruitment events and the college's Science Unwrapped public outreach program. Ambassadors share their academic experiences with prospective students and their parents, as well as current USU students seeking information about science majors. The college applauds our ambassadors, who enthusiastically and diligently represent our strengths and the opportunities we offer to aspiring scientists and science professionals.
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College of Science Student Council

The college’s Science Council is a group of dedicated student volunteers, who strive to provide enriching activities and opportunities for all Aggie science students. Led by the college’s student-elected USU Student Association senator, the council plans the college’s annual “Science Week” featuring campus-wide activities, as well as events throughout the year.
The council organizes networking events to encourage current students to meet with college alumni, along with academic-enriching workshops to improve study skills and social events aimed at integrating new students into college life. In addition, the council conducts service events, including the annual “Stuff-a-Bus” food drive benefiting USU’s Student Nutrition Access Center and the Cache Community Food Pantry.
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Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

The Utah State University SACNAS Chapter is an inclusive community that provides support to USU students and professionals to succeed in STEM. Our goal is to promote SACNAS members in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM.

Joining the Club:Email us for membership at


Entomology Club

Our mission is to provide a forum for students to learn about insects and present their research. We pride ourselves in the diversity of opportunities we facilitate for students and the USU community through participation in events such as Science Unwrapped, USU Insect Tours, and insect collecting trips for club members. Through these activities, we aim to educate our local community about the astounding biodiversity and importance of arthropods.

Joining the Club:Joining our club is easy! Simply fill out the form found on our website. To be considered a member of the Entomology Club, students must attend at least one meeting and participate in one volunteer activity per semester. Contact

BioNerdHerd for Computational Biology

The mission of our club is to learn, practice skills, and build community in computational biology at USU. This is a student-driven club that aims to provide a safe and open space of learning and growth for people of all education levels and backgrounds.

Joining the Club: Any student interested in learning and building capacity in computational biology, bioinformatics, data science, or other related fields is welcome. To join the club, email the current president or faculty advisor of the club ( or, and coming to as many meetings as possible. Attendance is the most important part of the club. You can maintain a good standing by attending meetings and collaborating with others, cooperating, and providing feedback on meetings. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are important to the club. The only reasons for which a member can be removed would be an inappropriate, harmful, or disruptive behavior that was detrimental to the learning experience of the group. At the beginning of each school year, the President, Vice President, and Faculty Advisory will send an email to the entire membership from the previous year to determine who would like to remain a part of the club for the following year and who would like to be removed.

Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)

A student organization dedicated to foster active participation of students in encouraging scientific research and diversity on our campus. The main goal of the organization is promoting “the success of Chicano/Hispanic and Native American scientists, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM." 

Joining the Club: Email us for membership at

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry Undergraduate Student Association (CABUSA)

The mission of the Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Association is to enhance the overall campus experience by uniting students with interests in the fields of chemistry and biochemistry through activities, meetings, service, and participation in national chemistry (American Chemical Society) and biochemistry (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) organizations.

Joining the Club:Email club email! (For leadership, elections will be held every year near the end of the spring semester for the following year)

Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Student Council

The Utah State University Chemistry and Biochemistry Graduate Student Council is an organization which aims to represent the graduate students of the chemistry and biochemistry department of USU. The Council will provide a platform for students to discuss and address department-wide issues, to support students' mental and physical well-being through clear communication with the faculty, and to assist in increasing the quality of their academic, professional, and social pursuits.

Joining the Club: Elections take place every spring. A call for nominations is sent to all faculty, staff, and graduate students in the department. Nominees are placed on a ballet and voted upon by the graduate student body.

Computer Science

USU Free Software and Linux Club (FSLC)

A place for students to learn about Linux and the open source and free software movements. We meet to do presentations, installations, and hang out!

Joining the Club: Join our discord or meet in person! (details at


The Geology Club

The Geology Club hosts meetings twice a month where we take hikes to explore local geology and rockhounding sites, utilize games and activities to educate students about geologic processes and the geoscience community, and engage with our local and campus communities through outreach events such as Rock ‘n’ Fossil Day and Science Unwrapped. Our goal is to spark interest in people who are not familiar with geology, to recruit and support students of all races, genders, sexualities, and abilities, and to promote a diverse and inclusive geosciences community at USU.

Joining the Club: Come to any meeting, activity, outreach event, etc. and join in the fun! All USU students, staff and faculty are welcome!

Mathematics and Statistics

American Mathematical Society Graduate Student Chapter

The mission of the American Mathematical Society Graduate Student Chapter at Utah State University is to serve mathematics graduate students at USU by providing opportunities for academic and professional development and to foster a sense of community within the department. The Chapter organizes professional and social activities related to mathematics, the mathematics profession and graduate student life.

Joining the Club: All graduate students in mathematics and statistics are automatically given membership to the American Mathematical Society

Data Science Club

The Data Science Club is focused on inviting professional data scientists and statisticians to speak about what they do for work and how students can prepare for those kinds of jobs. The club also fosters networking through the regular posting of internship and job opportunities, often provided by the presenters. 

Joining the Club: Students give their A# to the club president, who adds them to a canvas course where all materials are posted and announcements are made. 

Association for Women in Mathematics

Our club is a place for all students to come and support women in mathematics. It creates opportunities for students to meet and support others in the same major and with similar interests.  

Joining the Club: All students are welcome! Just come to any of our activities (we post flyers about all events around the ANSC building) and we can add you to our canvas page so you can receive announcements about upcoming events.

Applied Math Club/Student Chapter of SIAM

The SAIM student club aims to connect students interested in different fields of applied mathematics as well as in science and engineering. It will help students with reserach experience in applied math, the necessary modeling and computation skills for real-world problems, application of graduate school, etc. 

Joining the Club: Contact any member of the club committee or the staff of the math department. The faculty advisor's email is The club website is

Math Ed Club

A club for anyone interested in math education to meet and collaborate together. Regular activities, discussions, and service projects are held.

Joining the Club: Anyone is welcome. Give any club officer your information to be added to the email list. 


Get Away Special Student Satellite Team

The Get Away Special (GAS) Student Satellite Team is a student-run CubeSat team within USU's Department of Physics. Since 1976, the GAS Team has been sending student experiments to space and offering students the opportunity to jump-start their STEM careers by learning how to design, manufacture, and operate real space hardware. 

Joining the Club: The GAS Team is open to all majors at USU! The best time to join is at the beginning of each semester at the team's opening meetings, where new members will be introduced to the team and current projects. If someone would like to join at any other time during the semester, they should check the team website ( for more information or contact the Team Coordinator (

Women and Minorities in Physics (WaMiP)

We provide support through social events and monthly lunches, as well as academic and mentoring opportunities.  We serve as a liaison between women scientists and the department as a whole on issues of equity, respectful climate, and general support for equality and advancement of women and minorities in the field. If you are a student, member or employee and want to know what our department is doing for diversity, or if you just want to know what you can do to help make the department more inclusive, diverse and inclusive, this group has useful information for everyone.

Joining the Club: Open to all USU students, staff and faculty. Please check our website for meeting times and activities To be added to our mailing list contact:

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