Course Authorization for CS Graduate Students

CS 5000-level courses

Since CS 5000-level courses can be taken by both undergraduate and graduate students, they must have undergraduate-level prerequisites listed. Thus, if you did not take the listed prerequisites at USU, you will not be able to register without a prerequisite override. See below for a list of CS 5000-level courses you may take as a graduate student to see if you will need to request a prerequisite override.

Spring 2023 Courses

Course Number & Name


CS 5050 - Advanced Algorithms

CS 2420

CS 5060 - Decision Making: Algorithms Under Uncertainty

CS 2420

CS 5300 - Compiler Construction

CS 2810

CS 5410 - Game Development

CS 2420 & CS 3100

CS 5700 - Object-Oriented Software Development

CS 3450

CS 5950 - Independent Study (note: to register for this course you will also have to fill out the Independent Study form)

CS 2420

CS 6970

CS 6970 is the Thesis & Research course used by MS Plan A and Plan B students in the CS department. This course requires instructor permission by the Graduate Program Coordinator. The GPC will automatically enter authorization for Plan A and Plan B students who have a supervisory committee on file. In the rare instance that you need to register for CS 6970 prior to forming your committee, fill out this form so the GPC can request permission from your major professor

CS 7970

CS 7970 is the Dissertation Research course used by Computer Science PhD students. This course requires instructor permission by the Graduate Program Coordinator. The GPC will automatically enter authorization for students who have passed their Qualifier. Fill out this form if you have not yet passed your Qualifier and you would like to register for CS 7970. Please note that according to the Qualifying Exam Policy students may only register for 6 credits of CS 7970 before successfully completing their Qualifier.

CS 6250, CS 5950, CS 6950, & CS 7950

For CS 6250, please complete the Computer Science Cooperative Work Experience Registration Request form instead

For CS 5950, CS 6950, and CS 7950, please complete the Undergraduate Research / Independent Study / Reading & Reports form instead

Request Authorization

Fill out the following form to request authorization for the courses listed above.

Do I need to fill Authorization form?

You will need to fill out the authorization form if you fit into one of the following categories:

  1. If you are a CS graduate student


    You would like to take one of the CS 5000-level courses listed above


    You did not take the listed prerequisite course(s) at USU

  2. If you are a MS/CS Plan A, MS/CS Plan B, or MS/DS Plan A student


    You would like to take CS 6970


    You have not submitted your Supervisory Committee Approval Form (SCAF)

  3. If you are a PhD/CS student


    You would like to take CS 7970


    You have not completed your Qualifier

Apply for Authorization

First Name
Last Name
A Number
Email address. If you are a current student, please enter your email address
Registration Semester. Enter the semester you are registering for (e.g. Spring 2023).
Class(es) Requesting. Enter the class(es) you need authorization to register for. Separate course numbers with a semicolon (e.g CS5050; CS7970).