Religious Studies - Minor

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

About This Minor

The Religious Studies minor is an excellent opportunity to learn about the diversity of world cultures.

Requiring only 15 credits (5 courses), the minor fits well with a wide variety of degrees. It is especially useful for anyone who plans on interacting with diverse populations in their life and career. Religious Studies is therefore an excellent complement to majors in business, nursing, education, psychology, social work, and the arts.

What You Will Learn

To earn the minor, students take the Introduction to Religion class (RELS 1010) and then select four other courses that focus on a variety of religious traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Mormonism. More specialized courses on topics such as sacred texts, violence and peace, and gender allow students to go deeper into areas of personal interest.


At a Glance

College: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department: History Department

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We will build on your goals and experiences while working together to design an individualized semester-by-semester plan. Your personalized plan will help you see a path from where you are now on to graduation. Even if you are unsure of the major you would like to pursue, we can help with resources and ideas.

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