Division of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our Mission

We are committed to cultivating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community where different perspectives, values, cultures, and identities are acknowledged, welcomed, and valued. We shall collaborate, promote, and support initiatives that enhance equitable access to higher education, recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff and students, best practices in inclusive and interdisciplinary scholarship, develop educational priorities and learning outcomes that align with our vision and mission, and be actively engaged in community partnerships.

We are united in the pursuit of building and maintaining an institutional culture with a strong sense of community and belongingness.

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Inclusion Center
Creates an environment of acceptance, respect, and empowerment. You are valued here and your involvement with our clubs and organizations will make us even stronger.
Latinx Cultural Center
Serves as a conduit for service, engagement, advocacy, and visibility for the Latinx community on campus and in the Cache Valley and surrounding areas. The LCC is committed to empowering all who recognize a vested interest in the Latinx community by focusing on the pillars of academic, educational, personal, and professional growth.
Disability Resource Center
The DRC works with individuals, faculty, and staff to ensure that students with disabilities can fully participate in University programs, services, and activities. The center helps individuals with disabilities overcome barriers that could otherwise limit their academic, professional, and personal potential.
Proposed Native American Cultural Center
Enhance Indigenous students’ experiences at Utah State University by creating a culture of community where students feel welcome, supported, and nurtured for success.
Center for Diversity and Inclusion Eastern
Increase USU Eastern student awareness about various cultures, to provide a space of equity, access, and social justice for underrepresented students at USU Eastern, and to assist students with multicultural competence and the ability to work with a variety of people from different cultures.

USU Land Acknowledgement

View USU's Land Acknowledgement and learn about how USU recognizes that the land an institution is on originally belonged to Indigenous peoples. We acknowledge there remains an existing relationship between these people and their land.

USU Land Acknowledgment

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