USU Emergency Management

USU Emergency Management ensures the safety and well-being of the university community through comprehensive preparedness plans, coordinated responses, and proactive alerts for any potential emergencies or disasters.



Emergency Plans & Preparedness Checklists

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Workshops, Trainings & Response Plans

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Emergency Management Exercises

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Aggie Alerts

Receive alerts when there is a significant emergency, an ongoing threat of certain crimes on campus, or a safety concern from weather or off-campus incidents. Sign up by text, USU email, or in the Aggie Safe App.


More About USU Emergency Management

The Utah State University Division of Emergency Management works to ensure the security and wellbeing of our campus community. In addition to directing the planning, mitigation, response, and recovery activities for all USU locations, we also provide training sessions and workshops so all levels of the campus community can be armed with the knowledge necessary to react in emergency situations.

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