USU's Title IX Coordinator

photo of Cody Carmichael
Cody Carmichael, J.D.

Title IX Coordinator


Distance Education Rm. 404

The USU Title IX Coordinator's primary task is to ensure compliance with federal Title IX regulations and USU policy regarding sex discrimination and sexual misconduct.

The USU Title IX Coordinator has four main roles under Title IX:

  • Ensuring the University's prompt response to incident reports of sexual misconduct
  • Coordinating effective implementation of supportive measures
  • Informing claimants of their option to file a formal complaint
  • Informing the parties of their rights and obligations under the grievance process

How to Report Information About Sexual Misconduct

USU prohibits sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment, relationship violence, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and sex-based stalking.

You are encouraged to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the USU Title IX Coordinator at any time at Reports may also be made during business hours by calling 435-797-1266, by visiting the Office of Equity in Distance Education, Room 400 at the Logan campus, or via email at

When you report, the Office of Equity will provide information about supportive measures, reporting options, and the investigation process.

More information about how USU addresses sexual misconduct reports is available in interim USU Policies 339 and 339A. The previous policies related to sexual misconduct are applicable to conduct alleged to have occurred August 14, 2020 or later per 34 CFRR 106 (2020). They are subject to change at any time. Information about how the university will respond to sexual misconduct incidents that occurred prior to August 14, 2020 is available in procedures for responding to pre-08142020 allegations.