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a Meal Plan worth loving

Having a meal plan is way more than just eating delicious food.  When you have a meal plan, you don't have to spend time cooking and cleaning, which means more time for friends, studying, going to events and getting involved. 

Meal plans are valid at any of the 11 dining locations on campus. No matter where you are at USU, there's a place to eat nearby where you can use your meal plan.

With a good variety of meal plan options, we're confident there's one that fits your style.


Meal Plan Options


Housing Meal Plans

These meal plans have an allotted number of meals per week. You can use the meals whenever you'd like throughout the week, and they'll reset every Saturday. Great for students that plan on eating on campus frequently.  All Housing Meal Plans can be used at the all you care to eat buffets like the Aggie Marketplace and the Junction.  

Plans Price Cash Equivalency
7 meals per week $990 $7.00
10 meals per week $1,390 $7.00
15 meals per week $1,800 $7.00
20 meals per week $2,080 $7.00 

Block Meal Plans

Block meal plans work like any prepaid card. Purchase a number of meals which are loaded onto your card and can be used at any time. These meals never expire. Great for students looking to supplement their own cooking with the convenience of eating on campus every now and then. 

Plans Price Cash Equivalency
25 meals $206.25 $7.00
50 meals $400.00 $7.00
75 meals $581.25 $7.00

Cash Equivalency

All meal plans include a cash equivalency of $7.00 that can be used toward food purchases at any of the dining locations on campus. Purchases over the $7.00 amount are to be paid by the student at the time of purchase.


Find the Right Meal Plan for You


If you are living in the Living Learning Community, Mountain View/Valley View Tower, Bullen or Richards Hall, you are required to have a Housing Meal Plan.

Students living in an apartment, either on or off campus, can get either a Housing or Block Meal Plan. Housing meal plans are perfect for people eating on campus frequently, at least once a day.

Block Meal Plans are perfect for students looking to supplement their own cooking with the convenience of eating on campus every now and then, usually a few times a week or less. 

There is also the option of having both meal plans.  Many students will get a Housing Meal Plan and supplement with a Block Meal Plan for the weeks they want a few extra meals. 


Where to Eat

We have a variety of dining locations, including all you care to eat buffets, cafes and convenience stores. Each has healthy options and a variety of food, hours and is only minutes away. Check out Dining's website for hours, locations, and menus.

*Please note: Housing meal plans are valid for 16 weeks each semester. Available dining locations may change during breaks (fall, spring, holidays, etc.).