Housing Meal Plans

More than just a meal


Having a meal plan is more than just eating delicious food. Skip grocery shopping, cooking, & cleaning. We do that for you. 
We will become your kitchen and your home away from home. 
Spend time on what is most important such as going to class, studying, being involved and being an Aggie.
Meal plans are valid at any of our 15 Dining Locations on campus.
 We are confident you will find a meal plan  that will fit your new lifestyle here at USU! 

 **If you are living in the Living Learning Community, Canyon Crest Suites, Central Suites, Mountain View Tower, Bullen or Richards Hall, you are required to have a Housing Meal Plan.**
**Dining Halls are CLOSED for Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break**

Unlimited Access Meal Plan

Use your student I.D. card to access our 2 Dining Halls as many times as you want. When we say unlimited we truly mean that. Swipe in for a quick healthy snack, or swipe in for a sit down meal with your friends. Use it 1 time a day, or 30 times a day. We do not care. This meal plan is best for students that don't want to cook or clean. Parents will never have to worry about their students being hungry.
$100 is also added to your I.D. Card each semester so you can grab quick snacks or a meal in our Cafes, Convenience Stores, and Food Court. 

Cost Per Semester $2,090
Cost Per Meal $8.70*
Dining Dollars $100
*Cost per meal calculated at three meals per day over a 16 week semester

Semester 110 Meal Plan

Use your student I.D. card to access our 2 Dining Halls 110 times per semester. This meal plan is best for students that do not plan on being on campus often and only need 1 meal per day. $200 is also added to your I.D. card each semester so you can grab quick snacks or a meal in our Cafes, Convenience Stores, and Food Court

*This meal plan is equivalent to 6 meals per week over a 16 week semester*

Cost Per Semester $1,400
Cost Per Meal $14.58
Dining Dollars $200



Housing Meal Plan: Important Information

Please read your 2023-2024 Housing contract thoroughly. Listed below is important facts and common questions with their answers.
Still have questions? Call us anytime at (435) 797-1701 or visit us in the Dining Services Office, TSC 212

Facts & Questions Answers
Can I change my meal plan? Yes. However you must change your meal plan within the first 2 weeks of the semester. After that you are locked into your contract for the remainder of the semester
How do I use my meal plan? Simply hand our cashiers your student I.D. card and they will use that to let you into our Dining Halls. Meals are automatically deducted if you have a Semester 110 Meal Plan. Dining Dollars are also loaded onto your student I.D. card and the amount purchased is automatically deducted from your account. 
Forget your Student I.D. or want quick access to our Dining Halls? We have biometric readers that you can insert your finger into!  Your finger will be linked to your meal plan. This option is only available to Housing Meal Plan holders. 
How long does my meal plan last? Your Semester 110 Meal Plan and Unlimited Access Meal Plan will end on the last day of each semester. Your meal plan is non-refundable and your unlimited or 110 meals do not roll over semester to semester
What are Dining Dollars? Dining Dollars are essentially a Dining Debit Card. You can use it to purchase anything in our 15 Dining Operations including our Concessions stands at any athletic event!
How long do Dining Dollars last? You will receive Dining Dollars as part of your Unlimited Access or Semester 110 Meal plan and it will automatically loaded onto your Student I.D. Card. Dining Dollars remaining at the end of Fall Semester will carry over to Spring Semester. Dining Dollars will be forfeited at the end of Spring Semester and are non-refundable.
Can I use my meal plan for my friend? You have 2 guest swipes per semester that you may use on a guest. These guest swipes can only be used to gain access to The Marketplace or The Junction. If you run out of guest swipes you may use your Dining Dollars and pay retail pricing for your guest. The student card holder must be present when using guest passes or Dining Dollars. 
When does my meal plan begin & end? For Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 semester your Semester 110 or Unlimited Access meal plan begins and ends on the following dates.

Fall 2023
Begin: Saturday, August 19, 2023
End: Friday, December 15, 2023
Spring 2024
Begin: Saturday, January 6th, 2024
End: Wednesday, May 1st, 2024
What do I do if my meal plan is not working? Call the Dining Services office at (435) 797-1701. We will help you to the best of our ability. If you have a hold on your account due to lack of payment your meal plan will be frozen until funds are paid. To make a Housing Meal plan payment you will need to contact the Housing office at (435) 797-3113
Does my meal plan work over Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break? Semester 110 & Unlimited Access meal plans swipes are not active during University Holidays:
Thanksgiving Break: November 22nd-24th
Winter Break: December 16th - January 5th
Spring Break: March 11th - March 17th
However, Dining Services will have limited locations open with limited hours that you may use your Dining Dollars at. All Dining locations are closed on major U.S. holidays. 

Where can I eat?
Dining Services owns and operates our 15 locations on the USU Campus. 
We have 2 Dining Halls, The Junction & The Marketplace. These 2 locations are where you will use your Unlimited Meals or 110 Meals and are all you can eat.  Each Dining Hall has multiple micro-restaurants within them that have different styles of food and menus that change daily

We also have our 13 other locations that include the following
The HUB Food Court:  located inside the Taggart Student Center. Includes micro-restaurants Subway, Taco Time, Fuji-San Sushi, Caffe Ibis, and our very own Scotsman's Corner breakfast and lunch grill
Cafes: located throughout campus you will be sure to never go hungry. Visit Noni's Coffee ShopThe Forum Cafe, STEEPED Proudly Serving StarbucksLuke's Family Cafe on the Quad, & Beth's Bistro
Convenience Stores: Need a quick refresher? Visit our locations for a quick grab n go snack at The QuickstopShaw's 88, and The Depot
USU Concessions: Use your Dining Dollars at any USU Concessions stands when you attend any USU Athletic event

Where Can I Eat?

Buffet Style

All-you-care-to-eat Locations

Swipe your card and use 1 Block Meal to get into
one of our All-You-Can-Eat Locations.
Stay as long as you want and come back soon

the markeplace

the junction


Dining Dollars

Cafe's, Convenience Stores, Food Court, & Concessions

Use your Dining Dollars in
any one our of 13 Retail Locations.
Swipe your card to use your Dining Dollars!









the hub